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Are you calm under pressure? Do you revel in the intensity of the Emergency Room? Are you Dr. Binge? Of course you are. And we’ve prepped your tools good doctor.

Here are eight essential medical dramas that we prescribe. Binge one daily. Don’t exceed more than five. Watch now »

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1. Grey’s Anatomy S1-12

This medical drama has become a cultural phenomenon. It portrays the blood, sweat and tears of five surgical interns as they turn into competent doctors with the help of their mentors. Watch now »

2. House S1-8 (Full Boxset)

Get your House fix with all eight seasons of this smash-hit show starring Hugh Laurie as the Dr Gregory House. House may be rude, cranky, insulting, and a bully, but he’s also a medical genius. Watch now »

3. Call the Midwife S1-6

Call the Midwife on Showmax
image: BBC

A nurse joins a group of midwives in 1950s London, experiencing the harsh realities and strange joys of life. Watch now »

4. Binnelanders S1-8

Binnelanders on Showmax
Image: kykNET

The Binneland Clinic in Pretoria is the backdrop for this local soapie that tells the stories of the medical professionals who save their patients’ lives and do whatever they can to heal their hurts. Watch now »

5. Nurse Jackie S1-7

Nurse Jackie on Showmax
Image: Showtime

Why should the doctors get all the glory when there’s a carer like Jackie Peyton on the job? ER nurse Jackie is possibly the best in the business. The only problem is she believes in the healing power of medicine a little too much… Watch now »

6. Pure Genius S1

Pure Genius on Showmax
Image: NBC

What happens when a technology billionaire and a brilliant doctor decide to open the world’s most advanced hospital? A medical drama like you have never seen before. Watch now »

7. Married to Medicine S1

Married to Medicine on Showmax
Image: NBC

A fascinating reality show about seven women -three doctors and four doctors’ wives -struggling to balance their careers, families, social lives and relationships amid the fierce demands on doctors’ time. Watch now »

8. Chicago Med S1

Chicago Med on Showmax
Image: NBC

Courageous doctors and nurses ply their trade, while hospital politics and personal issues play out in the pandemonium of the ER. Catch up on season one of this intriguing medical drama that takes place in a state-of-the-art trauma centre. Watch now »

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