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Much like Bruce Wayne, who later became Batman, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has used his cash to become a criminal-fighting vigilante in comic-turned-series ArrowWatch Seasons 1-4 of Arrow, now on Showmax »

After being marooned on an island and trained by a master assassin in the art of, well, assassinery, Oliver returned home to Star City in Season 1 , where he became a hooded figure hiding in the shadows. Think Robin Hood in a concrete forest. And while it’s taken three seasons of fighting crime, stopping bad guys and dealing with very, very dirty family secrets in his private life, it seems Oliver is ready to give his alter ego an official name: Green Arrow.

“He is rescued from being on this shipwrecked island and we don’t know what his background is [over those five years],” says lead actor Amell. “We know him before the accident; a son of privilege, a playboy who wasn’t thankful. But we don’t know what has changed him and that is something that we [the audience] continue to discover over the seasons. He’s still very much a work in progress and while he’s happy to be home, he’s not happy with what home has become.”

Season 3 ended with Olly telling his ladylove Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), “I’m happy”, before driving off into the sunset. But it seems that Season 4 is going to be filled with danger, drama and more crime fighting for Green Arrow.

Stop, in the name of love

Season 4 kicks off with Olicity (Oliver and Felicity’s soppy couple name) living the picture-perfect domestic life. He jokingly tells her at breakfast, “Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette” – a direct throwback to his vigilante catchphrase “You have failed this city”. But that domestic bliss is short-lived – Oliver’s sister Thea Queen and his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance (Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy) knock on his door. A new enemy called The Ghosts have invaded Star City and Oliver, aka Green Arrow, is the only person who can stop them. While Olly’s unsure of leaving Felicity and his new home life, Thea convinces him to help by saying, “When you’re done, you can come back to your domestic tranquil life of soufflés and live happily ever after.”

Back in business

Not everyone’s happy to see Oliver return to Star City, though … including people who were on Team Arrow, like Olly’s ex-bodyguard Diggle (David Ramsey). “He has a bone to pick with his former friend who Diggle feels abandoned him and the team”, explains series creator Marc Guggenheim. “It’s no surprise that Diggle tells Oliver that they don’t need him and he must leave.” Giving in to pressure from Thea and Laurel, Diggle’s hand is forced and Oliver helps the team look into a new vigilante group, H.I.V.E., who is running amok in the city.

Leader of the pack

Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is the main man when it comes to The Ghosts. “He is super evil and a scary guy,” warns executive producer Wendy Mericle. “Damien is pure evil and a total sociopath.” Unlike enemies that Team Arrow have faced before – who use regular weapons – Damien is wielding a supernatural force that even Oliver may not be able to counter. And it gets worse, because Damien isn’t afraid of attacking people’s weaknesses to get to them… and for Oliver, it’s Felicity. “We’ve never used magic in the series and Damien uses it so well. It feels organic and he’s going to target Felicity to get the better of Oliver,” adds Wendy.

In fact, Damien is such a dangerous adversary that he forces Oliver to step up and become Green Arrow. “Oliver takes on this completely different look,” explains Stephen. “He has a brand new costume – it’s an evolution of his old hood but it’s still new.” And to go with his new look, Green Arrow steps out of the shadows to let the people of Star City know that he’s fighting for them!

Secrets and lies

Family has always been first and foremost to Oliver, but that becomes a problem when he learns that he’s got a son … and it’s not with his beloved Felicity. What’s a hero to do? “The seams of their relationship slowly unravel,” teases Emily when Oliver chooses to hide his child’s existence. “We know Felicity’s heart pretty well and we know that she tries to be as honest as possible all the time. If she finds out [about Oliver’s son and lies], viewers know exactly how she’s going to react.”

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