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The cast behind the hit bridezilla mockumentary is packed with gorgeous Capetonians that you mind find sipping a non-GMO avocado smoothie with activated charcoal along the Sea Point promenade.

Created by the powerhouse husband and wife team of Ari Kruger and Julia Anastasopoulos (makers of Suzelle DIY), Tali’s Wedding Diary has been incredibly well received by locals looking for quality homegrown content. Let’s meet the team! Watch now »

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Julia Anastasopoulos (Tali)

Julia is the mastermind behind Suzelle DIY and Tali. Two characters on opposite ends of the spectrum yet uniquely South African and both absolutely hilarious. Check out Tali’s official Instagram account @tali_babes for regular updates from Tali herself!

Anton Taylor (Darren)

The ultimate Bishop’s boy boet shot to fame through his YouTube channel where he did stuff like fill a briefcase with KFC burgers, plus by co-creating and starring in Jozi Shore. Anton plays Tali’s soulmate Darren who runs his own real-estate company called Goldprop. He’s a proper oke who loves drones!

Glen Biderman-Pam (Rael)

Everybody loves Rael! He’s Darren’s right-hand man and has been a massive hit with fans. There have even been calls for his own spin-off show! Glen is a Cape-based comedian so be sure to catch some of his live shows.

Stephanie Anastasopoulos (Mikaela)

Steph is Tali’s sister in the show and in real life. So it was really the perfect gig for her.

Kate Normington (Michelle)

Kate plays Tali’s mom who discovered her own precious stone, Zanzinite, while on holiday in Zanzibar (the stone does not exist). Kate is best known for her work in musical theatre like Nunsense and Sweeney Todd.

Lara Lipshitz (Gabi)

Lara plays Tali’s frienemy and nemesis. Though she’s basically Tali’s BFF and keeps one-upping her. Tali hates that. You may know Lara from other local films like Wonderboy for President which you can also watch on Showmax.

Supporting Cast

Guy de Lancey (Les, Tali’s dad)

Chris Fisher (Tom)

Caroline Midgley (Ruth, Tali’s half-sister)

Michelle Allen (Justine)

Jana Kleyn (Megs)

Megan Furniss (Janice)

Oliver Booth (Jared Seleibowitz)

Gina Collins (Billy)

Dylan Skews (Marc Seleibowitz)

Chloe Hirschman (Claire)

You can check out the full cast on IMDb’s website here.

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