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Jason Statham has a capacity for violence best manifested in his kicks and fists; he can punch through walls, dislocate people’s jaws and send them into a temporary coma. Too cool for school in his signature suits, he’s a man of few words. Above all, he doesn’t smile. And if he does, it’s so repressed, it’s barely there. And yet, he’s pure catnip to women. We can’t help it really, so it’s best to just leave us alone to our fantasies, thank you very much.

On the big screen this year, we saw this balding Brit play Deckard Shaw, the villainy son of Helen Mirren’s character in The Fate of the Furious. He ended up not being too much of a villain though, since he helped Dominic Toretto and company go up against Cipher, played by Charlize Theron (also find her on Monster on Showmax).

Schedule a Statham marathon with Showmax immediately to banish those Monday blues good and proper.

  1. Transporter 3

Transporter 3 on Showmax
Image: Videovision

In Transporter 3, Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is recruited for his elite courier services to transport a package, a Russian redhead, whose father is being coerced to sign a dangerous deal. Behind the wheels of his Audi A8, Frank races across Europe to Budapest while offering the much needed action sequence like fighting off a bunch of henchmen with no weapon and crashing into a moving train and coming out without as much as a scratch. Too bad Statham relinquished this role to Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones’ original Daario Naharis) for the latest instalment of the franchise. Watch now »

  1. The Bank Job

The Bank Job on Showmax
Image: Videovision

In this heist thriller, Statham plays Terry Leather, a retired petty criminal who is recruited for a one-off job by his former girlfriend to rob a bank and become rich. Too good to pass, Terry agrees and assembles a gang who pull the heist off successfully, without realising that powerful players with a hidden agenda were behind the job. Watch now »

  1. In the Name of the King

In the Name of the King on Showmax
Image: Videovision

Jason Statham transforms into Farmer, a man living happily in the Kingdom of Ehb with his wife and son, but their lives are disrupted when war breaks out. His son is killed while his wife is abducted by the power-hungry adversary who waged war on the kingdom. Farmer goes out on a mission to avenge his son and rescue his wife, finally freeing the kingdom from the villain and his magical influence. Watch now »

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