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He’s amassed an army of possibly the world’s most fanatic fans, and if there’s one question you think comic book legend Stan Lee gets asked a lot, what would that be?


He can’t hide from it.  Stan’s army wants to know what super-power their founding father would have if he could choose only one.

His answer? To control luck, and the series Lucky Man is based on this.  Watch it now »

The main character is Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), a cop from London’s notorious Murder Squad. He owes a massive gambling debt to a crime lord, drinks too much, and his wife left him. But things are about to change for Harry when he gets given (forcibly)an ancient bronze bracelet after a night of intimacy with a mysterious lady called Eve who had it on before him. And now he has the power to control luck, though it comes at a heavy cost. Watch it now »

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