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Showmax has been bringing you each episode of Season 3 of Kingdom express from the US, 24 hours after it first aired, and it’s the only place on the continent that you’ve been able to watch the series. Today, we bring you the last episode of Season 3, which is also the series finale.

Yes, that’s right – after Season 3, Episode 10, called “Lie Down in the Light”, launching on Showmax today, the hard-hitting, sometimes difficult to watch, addictive drama about a family of MMA fighters will come to an end forever.

If you caught last week’s episode, “Cactus”, you’ll know that things got pretty heated between Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas) and his dad Alvey (Frank Grillo) after Nate’s big confession, and in the finale today, you’ll see the fallout from their fight.

If you haven’t got a taste of the compelling drama and explosively realistic fight scenes in Kingdom yet, after today, you’ll be able to binge on the entire boxset, Seasons 1-3, first and only on Showmax. As every fan and follower of the series knows, it’s not just about MMA – the toughest fights for the Kulinas always take place outside the ring.

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