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Khanyi Mbau is the perfect example of what a rebrand looks like. The media personality has come a very long way from her days as a controversial socialite who was often labelled as a “gold digger”. Now she’s a woman who only wants to be known for her work and she’s making headlines for all the right reasons.

Not only is she a successful talk show host, but she’s also a good actress. She certainly made her mark on Mzansi Magic’s hit drama series, Abomama, which is currently streaming on Showmax.

Speaking about playing the role of Tshidi, Khanyi explained to Masechaba Ndlovu on Metro FM recently: “Playing Tshidi on Abomama was very interesting because I come from a staunch Christian family. My grandmother and mom are like highly Christian, so it reminded me of my background. I grew up in a church environment, I grew up with church women around me.”

She continued: “I know how they behave, I know how they think, I know how they look at the worldly things and how they associate themselves with them. So, for me it was quite interesting where I got to mirror what I always saw growing up.”

KHANYI MBAU on Twitter

The making of your favorite scene #AbomamaMzansi THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

Fans were shocked when Abomama was snubbed at the South African Film and TV Awards (SAFTAs) earlier this month. Thomas Gumede, whose production company Parental Advisory Productions produced the series, took to social media to share his disappointment.

“So #Abomama didn’t get even one nomination at the SAFTAs. Out of all the categories and all the shows nominated, a panel sat down and decided that there was not a single thing that was done right on one of the highest rating dramas on Mzansi Magic,” he wrote on Twitter.

Clearly, the snub hasn’t affected Khanyi, and she still believes that she’s on the right track.

When asked about her greatest point of growth, professionally or personally, she told Masechaba: “I think the moment that I accepted myself, that I’m not perfect and I forgave myself for everything else that I couldn’t achieve. You know, we look to our peers all the time and try and measure how far we have come through their success. And once I forgave myself when I said, ‘listen, maybe I didn’t win an Oscar or a SAFTA or whatever, but I am doing well and it’s okay, Khanyi’. So, that’s my greatest achievement is forgiving myself for my disappointments.”

Ms Mbau has certainly grown over the years and she’s well on her way to making her mark in the film and television industry. You can watch her on Abomama right here on Showmax.

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