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If you’re TV-show obsessed, chances are you’ll carry your tablet to shags* with a 4G modem so you can continue catching up on your favourite series on Showmax.

But here’s the thing about many Kenyan hometowns: 4G internet penetration is a luxury we still can’t afford. Long story short, sometimes it helps to download your shows to watch later  – especially when you have a poor internet connection or no internet at all. Watching downloads on your phone or tablet will solve any buffering issues, especially when there are network interruptions.

At Ksh 880 for 30 days access, Showmax really is the most affordable internet streaming service in Kenya, with over 20 000 shows and movies to choose from.

Download up to 25 shows and watch offline – no buffering

It gets better: with Showmax you can download up to 25 shows (and keep them up to 30 days) on your smartphone or tablet to watch later when you are offline. That means you can take your shows with you and watch them anywhere. Think a road trip to Masaku Sevens for the weekend with just enough mutura* for the road.

Since we aren’t all fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Showmax also serves authentic Kenyan shows like Kona (as always, Nini Wacera was bold and beautiful in this one). And if you are looking for some Swahili melodrama, Sumu La Penzi is just the right show to stream or download. Who’s here for an Avril-Naomi Ng’ang’a-Joyce Maina reunion?

But how do I download shows or movies on Showmax?

How to download to watch offline on Showmax

You can, of course, use mobile data to do this, but it’s even better if you’re on Wi-Fi and someone else is paying. Next steps:

  1. If you don’t already have a Showmax account, go to to sign up.
  2. Download the Showmax app on your smartphone or tablet for either iOS or Android.
  3. Open the Showmax app and choose the show or movie you want to watch offline.
  4. Click on the “download” icon or button.
  5. You’ll get a menu with download quality options to choose from – Low Quality, Standard Quality, Good Quality and High Quality – depending on data capability or space on your device.
  6. Your download should start immediately. You are now free to enjoy your viewing offline once the download is complete.

How much data does it take to download?

A 20-minute episode of The Big Bang Theory takes just 80MB at the low-quality setting, but don’t let the term “low quality” fool you – the video quality looks great on smaller screens. An average movie takes about 500MB to download.

Please note that once you’ve started watching a show offline, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching it. Did I mention you can download anything on Showmax? Really, anything.

Just as a bonus, remember State House? This much-talked-about political thriller known as Kenya’s very own House of Cards is now available on Showmax.

What are you waiting for?
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*shags – upcountry where your grandparents/parents live

*mutura – a Kenyan street delicacy made of meat and blood, seasoned with pepper, also known as the African sausage

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