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So, it’s official – Tali’s Wedding Diary hits Showmax tomorrow, Thursday, 14 December. We’re over the moon, you guys. You’ll get to watch all eight episodes of Tali Babes’ wedding preparation shenanigans on Showmax, and because each episode is 20 minutes long, you can binge the whole show in under three hours. Which just screams “streaming party”, right?

Here’s how to celebrate #herecomestali in a way that she’d totally approve of.

1. Invite your guests to come in their active wear

Tali's Wedding Diary on Showmax
Image: Gareth Wiese

Because that’s how Tals stays motivated – she puts her gym clothes on first thing in the morning so whenever she feels like it, she can go out for a run on the Prom quickly or hit the gym. Sometimes she even sleeps in her active wear for like, double motivation, so if you invite your guests to come in gym clothes, you’re being a true friend, because then they can choose to run home if they feel like it. Or maybe not, because it’ll be, like, completely dark. But they might be motivated to go to gym on the way home. And in-between episodes you can have little lunge parties together. The friends who train together, stay together, you guys.

2. Freeze the bread

Do you have bread in your house? If, for some weird reason, you have carbs just sitting in your kitchen, stick them straight in the freezer. Because it’s carbs versus you, and you’ve got to win. Don’t make the error of tempting your guests by having a loaf of lovely fresh bread anywhere they can see or smell it. That’s just evil. Plus, think ahead to your next party – you can’t have a bunch of chubby people there, they’ll totally ruin the photos.

3. Stock up on healthy snacks

Tali's Wedding Diary on Showmax
Image: Gareth Wiese

Friends don’t let friends pig out on chips or doughnuts or other counter-productive snacks that will stand in the way of their summer body goals. You know this. Only 100% cocoa dark chocolate and matcha lattes should be allowed – they’ve got, like, millions of antioxidants in them to make your and your friends’ skin look completely stunning. Absolutely no biscuits, you guys. Love yourselves.

4. Set up mini photo booths for selfies

Tali's Wedding Diary on Showmax
Image: Gareth Wiese

Tali Babes is the queen of Insta, and the least you can do to celebrate her big day is try be more like her. That means selfies, selfies, selfies, against stylish backdrops and with cute props. If you’ve got a small dog, or a blingy engagement ring, those are selfie gold. But leave boyfriends and fiances and husbands out of it.  They just don’t get it. They’ll probably end up closing their eyes just when you’re about to take the perfect shot, or pull a stupid face or something.

5. Invite your frenemy so she can see how awesome you are

Tali's Wedding Diary on Showmax
Lara Lipschitz as Gaby in Tali’s Wedding Diary. Image: Gareth Wiese

We’ve all got one – that friend who’s really more of a “friend”, who just goes out to upstage us and manages to do everything, like, perfectly. Tali’s got Gaby, and let’s just say, Tali’s not afraid to invite her to share her special moments, mostly so she can show off. So be like Tali. Invite that “friend” and make sure she realises that, this time, you’re totally winning. (If you want to make her feel extra lame, tell her it’s a wedding dress-up so everyone’s going to be wearing, like, their wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses or whatever, and then she’ll arrive and look really stupid because everyone else will be in their gym clothes. Yes, it’s mean, but hey, that’s life. No regrets, guys.)

Watch Tali’s Wedding Diary on Showmax from Thursday, 14 December.

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