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Today, 31 July, is JK Rowling’s birthday, which marks the perfect occasion to watch the movie about her journey to bringing the world’s most popular wizard to life. Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story, now on Showmax, traces the author’s life, from her upbringing in working class England and her disastrous marriage to her struggle to make enough money to support her child and her first glimmers of inspiration for the Harry Potter novels.


It’s JK Rowling’s birthday, so there’s no better time to watch the movie about her journey to bringing the world’s most popular wizard to life 🕯🦉


Through all the obstacles she had to overcome, one thing remained constant for Rowling – her passion for writing.

Like all Harry Potter, Casual Vacancy and Robert Galbraith fans around the world, we’re so glad she stuck with it! And, as the ninth-best-selling fiction author of all time, we’re sure she is too.

Aside from her writing, JK has also become renowned as an outspoken advocate for women’s and children’s rights, and has recently set up her own charity called Lumos (yes, named after the spell) that seeks to end the harmful institutionalisation of disadvantaged children around the world.

Add a touch of magic to your day by watching The JK Rowling Story on Showmax. And remember, as Dumbledore told Harry (who would be 37 years old today): “It is our choices … that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

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