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Turn your TV into a smart-streaming machine and watch your favourite shows on Showmax, YouTube and more using a LIT_ Android TV. You can also stream music from services like Apple Music and Google Play straight to your TV.

What is the UNLIMITEDhome package?

UNLIMITEDhome is Telkom’s newest uncapped internet package, and if you sign up for a 10mbps or higher service for 24 months then you get a FREE LIT_ Android TV.

How do I get the UNLIMITEDhome package?

Check if you have fibre, ADSL or VDSL in your area. Click here to check.
Choose the UNLIMITEDhome package you want by clicking here.
Place your order with Telkom either online, at a Telkom store, or by phoning the call centre on 10213.

How much does the UNLIMITEhome package cost per month?

4mpbs Uncapped | R599
10mbps Uncapped | R799
20mbps Uncapped | R999
40mbps Uncaped | R1299
100mpbs Uncapped | R1699

Contracts are for 24 months and each package comes with free mobile data and a sim card. Click here for more details.

What can I watch on my LIT_ Android TV?

Watch your favourite shows on Showmax, Youtube, Google Play Movies and more using the LIT_ Android TV. You can also stream audio from Apple Music, Simfy Africa and Google Play Music.

With the LIT_ Android TV, your phone become the remote and lets you stream your favourite shows and music directly from apps like Showmax.

How do I add Showmax to my Telkom bill?

  1. Login to My Telkom or visit a Telkom store and sign up for Showmax.
  2. Telkom will send you a unique promo code.
  3. Go to and sign up, use the promo code as your payment option. Existing Showmax customers can go to “Manage Account” and change your payment option to your unique promo code.

You can also go to and sign up for a risk free 14-day trial right now.

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