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Lena Grisky is a Russian princess and student at the Paris Opera Ballet School in the year 1905. When she accidentally runs through a portal, she time-travels to the present day, where she must quickly adapt and pass herself off as a regular 21st-Century girl if she hopes to keep her secret and hide from the dangerous Time Collectors while she waits for help to come from home.

She pines for her true love, Henri, who she’s left behind in 1905, and – to make things even worse – she makes an enemy as soon as she lands in 2018, the wannabe prima ballerina Thea, who is jealous of Lena’s talent. But then Lena meets Ines, who becomes her roommate and the only person who knows Lena’s secret. She guides her through the pitfalls of being a teenager in today’s world, helping her navigate social media, embarrassing moments and, when Lena falls for Thea’s boyfriend, the gorgeous Max, Ines teaches her about modern-day romance.

Will Lena survive the 21st Century long enough to make it back to Henri, and to find a place in the spotlight on the world stage? And will she ever want to go home after discovering all the wonders and marvels of today’s world? Find out by streaming all 26 episodes of Find Me in Paris, Season 1, first and only on Showmax.

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