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Women are taking over the world, one American theatre at a time. The four comics in the Stand Up Ladies Collection on Showmax prove that women can be just as crass and kick-ass as any of their male counterparts.

Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff

“I know I make it sound like I’m so slutty up here, but honestly, I’ve only been with four people … and that was a weird night.”

This is just one of the OTT over-share moments from Amy Schumer’s first one-hour comedy special. There’s loads of smutty stuff here, and Schumer’s blatant honesty will appeal to you and your man, but the bits where she talks about how much harder it is to be a woman than a guy, like the punishing personal grooming efforts we undertake (“We wear stilts! We wear jewellery, shiny things, like, follow me to the altar!”) and the way some of your girl friends’ personalities do a complete 180 when they’ve got a new boyfriend, are so real that it’s really us women who have the last laugh. Watch now »

For a more recent dose of Schumer dirty-talk, check out Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, also on Showmax.

Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore

“Do I have a 95-minute knock-knock joke? You bet your ass I do!”

She’s the picture of socially awkward innocence, but don’t let her big eyes and squeaky voice fool you. In this comedy special, Kristen Schaal takes you on a tour through the weird, dirty corners of her mind by performing a play she wrote in her kitchen “which may or may not be autobiographical”, about a spoon who gets spurned by her pot lover when his buddy the pot lid returns. And then, if you aren’t already weirded out, she disappears about 25 minutes in and leaves the MC to incompetently man the mic in front of the confused audience. And then she brings on her special guest/s … or doesn’t. Watch now »

Whitney Cummings: I Love You

“For me, love is about respect, it’s about little things. You know, if you love me, and we’re taking a shower together, don’t pee.”

In her second stand-up special, Whitney is a fast-talking, angry hurricane of relationship bitterness and observations about love and marriage that are totally on-point but also pretty uncomfortable. Her routine makes you realise that, you know what? We should be angry, as women, because a lot of what goes on in our relationships with men is just BS when you think about it. If you’ve ever been scolded by your man for taking too long in the bathroom, or if the voices in your head are borderline abusive about how much food you’ve eaten, Whitney’s your woman. Watch now »

Whitney Cummings’s 2016 comedy special I’m Your Girlfriend is also on Showmax.

Wanda Sykes: I’ma Be Me

“You know, I never think about age, but … there are a few little things that let you know that the ageing process is happening … Before, I used to carry extra panties in my purse in case I got lucky. Now, I carry them in case I sneeze.”

In her 2009 HBO comedy special, the award-winning comic has a lot to say about the US finally having their first black president (“First black president and the country is broke! It’s like the country decided, why don’t we give that black guy a try? It’s not like he can break anything … maybe he can get another country to move in and split the bill”). She also shares intimate details about her private life, like her experience of being a new mom (“I always said having kids ruin your life, and they’re awful, and I was right. They do ruin your life! … I’m always tired … I don’t understand how people cheat when they have new kids – where do you get the energy to cheat? I told my wife, if you ever catch me in another woman’s bed, I’m just having a nap.”) This is classic stand-up, and though it’s liberally seasoned with F-words, the subject matter’s pretty tame – it’s clear Wanda doesn’t feel she needs to talk dirty to be funny. Watch now » 

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