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The cast of Younger recently held a juicy fan Q&A ahead of the start of season five, now first on Showmax in South Africa.

If you’re late to one of the most popular rom-coms on Showmax, Younger is the story of single-mom Liza Miller (Tony winner Sutton Foster, who was nominated for a Critics Choice Award this year for the role). Divorced at 40, she reboots her career and love-life by pretending to be in her late-twenties. Soon she has her dream career in publishing, but as her personal and professional lives become irreversibly intertwined, keeping her secret becomes increasingly difficult.

Things come to a head in season five, with Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann both warning during the fan Q&A that “all hell is about to break loose.”

Here are the five most interesting things we learnt from the Q&A:

1. Sutton Foster (Liza) squirms when she watches the show with her husband and dad

When @Malec_Always4 asked what her spouse thinks of Younger, Sutton said, “My husband is incredibly supportive and loves the show.” But that doesn’t mean watching it with him (or her dad) is always comfortable. “I watched a lot of the first season sitting between my father and my husband and I had to go, ‘I’m about to do a bathtub scene. I’m going to be naked in a bathtub….’ So there’s that. I had to warn them when things come up that are terrifying.”

2. The show’s fashion has ruined Molly Bernard (Lauren)

Molly Bernard plays Lauren, Kelsey’s pansexual best friend. When @SPalmer_60640 asked, “There is such great fashion on the show. Has it changed your style in real life?” Molly said, “I had about four pairs of shoes when I started working on Younger. I now have a rack that goes over my closet door – a 24 pair rack – and it’s not enough space. This show has ruined me – and my bank account.”

3. Miriam Shor’s most uncomfortable scene? When Diana broke someone’s penis

Miriam Shor plays publishing executive Diana and also made her directorial debut this season, on episode five. When @callmeadamnyc asked what the most uncomfortable scene she had filmed so far was, she didn’t have to think for long. “I would have to say the most uncomfortable scene I have filmed is when I had to break a man’s penis.”

Next to her, Nico Tortorella, who plays Josh, looked visibly uncomfortable, although he recovered quickly to share a penis story of his own about ‘the yoghurt scene.’ “My penis was out for so long but I wasn’t allowed to have it out: it had to be tied up – it was a full tuck.”

Fun fact: Miriam added, “Later someone had to go in there and digitally remove some pubes. So if you’re wondering what to do career-wise: just know that your job could be digitally removing pubes… Go to college, kids.”

4. Chad Michael Davis’ (Zane) favourite on-set memory? Making out with Hilary Duff (Kelsey)

When @lukearthurmusic asked what his favourite on-set memory was, Chad Michael Davis said, “Making out with Hilary.”

But when Hilary was asked if Zane and Kelsey will be together, she warned, “It’s not that easy; it’s not that simple. Kelsey and Zane have another tumultuous season where we can and we can’t. We’re very competitive. We’re very similar. And we’re both ambitious and driven. There’s a lot of chemistry there but it just ain’t right.”

At which point Chad said, “It’s so wrong that it’s right, isn’t it?”

5. Peter Hermann (Charles) worked in publishing in real life – and hated it

Younger S5
Peter Hermann as Charles.

Peter Hermann plays Charles, one of Liza’s two love interests – and her publishing company boss. When asked by @lululocal if he would work in publishing if he wasn’t an actor, Peter Hermann (Charles) said he already had. “I was a fact-checker at Vanity Fair for two years and I also went and did a whole bunch of internships at publishing houses…”

Sounds like it wasn’t a great experience: when Sutton said she’d probably be a teacher, but did love books, Peter added, “One way to kill your love of literature is to work in publishing.”

Younger, created by Darren Star (Sex and the City), is one of the best reviewed series in the world, with a rare 99% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, not to mention Critic’s Choice, People’s Choice, Teen Choice, and Women’s Image Network nominations. Season four was the highest-rated and most-watched run yet, so it’s no surprise that TVLand has already commissioned season six.

“Younger, one of my personal favourites, has been a huge hit with South African audiences, taking bingeing to all new levels season after season,” says Candice Fangueiro, Showmax’s head of content: Africa. “It has released at the perfect time, while hubby is hooked to the soccer so I can indulge. Like Sex and the City, which is also on Showmax, it ticks all the romantic comedy boxes for the winter.”

The first four episodes of season five are now available, first on Showmax, followed by episodes 5-8 on 1 August 2018, with the last three episodes express from the US.

Watch the season one to four recap:

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What the media are saying:

“Younger feels rejuvenated with a brand-new dynamic and a restored sense of humor.“ Indiewire

“The Sex and the City replacement we all craved… one of the best TV shows about dating since the days of Carrie Bradshaw.” The Daily Beast

“A breezy and sometimes surprisingly daring romantic comedy featuring one of the best – if not the best – love triangles on TV.”

“A Gossip Girl for the publishing industry.” The New Yorker

“As funny as it is, it’s actually more mature than the writing on Sex and the City.” San Francisco Chronicle

“Our favorite summer dramedy.” TellTaleTV

“Stylish, hilarious and insightful.” Collider

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