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Looking for a laugh? Here’s what comedy-loving Showmax subscribers have been watching on repeat!


Liza Miller is just a 40 year old MILF pretending to be 26, what could go wrong?

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Learn a thing or two from this cult-classic like what not to do when you are on a relationship break. Hint: don’t kiss other people.

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Enjoy your tossed salads and scrambled eggs? There’s a show for that! S1-11 of Frasier now on ShowMax:

A radio psychiatrist gives great relationship advice to others while struggling with his own dysfunctional relationships.

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Hot in Cleveland

Getting old together can be sassy too, just ask these four women always turning heads in Cleveland.

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Nurse Jackie


Just remember, she’s here to save your butt, not kiss it! Nurse Jackie on ShowMax:

Well, nobody is perfect; the best ER nurse you’ll ever meet is also a drug-addict in this Emmy-winning show.

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