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With the latest episodes of sci-fi mystery series The Crossing, plus express episodes of Marvel’s brand-new series Cloak and Dagger, as well as new seasons of HBO favourites Insecure and Ballers, Showmax has your winter binge-watch sessions covered for the month of June. There are also eye-opening documentaries hitting your screens first and only on Showmax, and a line-up of fun movies.

Series additions

The Crossing, First on Showmax, episodes 7 to 11
Tensions are growing worse between the future refugees and the local town. But there are even stranger and more grisly events happening inside the camp that nobody suspected.
Planned release date: 1 June (episodes 7 to 8); episodes 9 to 10 on 12 June and episode 11 comes express from the US on 19 June

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, First on Showmax and express from the USA
Tandy and Tyrone have two things in common: they’re in love and they have superpowers. But these only work well when they are together, which makes things complicated.
Planned release date: episodes 1 and 2 on 8 June, and then new episodes will be released weekly

Freakish, S1
A chemical explosion in their town leaves a whole school isolated. Then the monsters arrive and they have to fight for survival in this exciting new thriller series.
Planned release date: 18 June

You’ve Been T@gged, S1
There is no escape in the connected world as four seemingly unrelated teenagers are targeted by an anonymous creep who stalks them with violent videos.
Planned release date: 18 June

Nobodies, S1-2
Not famous? Then get a star to appear in your new script. But that’s much easier said than done in this hilarious new comedy, produced by Melissa McCarthy.
Planned release date: 1 June

Castle, S1-8
Enjoy the full run of this fun crime show, where a famous novelist joins forces with a detective to solve strange and gruesome crimes. Perfect for binge-watching!
Planned release date: 1 June

Ballers, S3
Spencer is ready to be a father. That’s if he can find time while bringing professional American football to Las Vegas. At least he’s got it easy compared to Charles.
Planned release date: 1 June

Insecure, S2
Issa is trying out new dates, yet longs for Lawrence, who is keeping things relaxed with a new fling. But the two aren’t done yet in this sizzling season.
Planned release date: 1 June

The Fosters, S4
Callie starts digging deeper into a police case involving a teenager and discovers dark secrets about the case. Meanwhile Mike learns that fatherhood is not as simple as he’d thought…
Planned release date: 1 June

Movie additions

Ted on Showmax
Image: NBC

The Ring Thing, First on Showmax
What does it mean to be engaged to be married? A lesbian couple finds out in this touching exploration of love and commitment.
Planned release date: 4 June

The laughs never stop in this modern classic about a troupe of zoo animals who decide to find their way back to Africa and the majestic island of Madagascar.
Planned release date: 7 June

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
The penguins have managed to find a way for the animals to reach Africa itself and our heroes finally meet members of their own species. But it’s not what they expected…
Planned release date: 7 June

Anna Karenina
There’s no shortage of beautiful people as Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson star in this classic tale about love, lust and choice in Tolstoy’s ageless love triangle drama.
Planned release date: 7 June

Fiddler on the Roof
Enjoy the classic movie musical about a peasant farmer trying desperately to find good husbands for his five daughters.
Planned release date: 11 June

Unlike other boys, John’s teddy bear is alive! This was fun when he was a kid, but a little strange now he’s an adult in this hit comedy.
Planned release date: 14 June

Inside Man
A tough hostage situation between a gritty cop and cunning robber goes past the breaking point in this sharp thriller starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen.
Planned release date: 18 June

Out to find a rare stone, a young man instead stumbles upon a strange woman who fell from the stars and now has everyone hunting her for her magic.
Planned release date: 21 June

Remember Me
As his relationship with his father falls apart, Tyler meets Ally, a woman who understands his pain. But some dark secrets start to emerge, threatening to tear them apart…
Planned release date: 21 June

New Guy
Dizzy has a chance to shed his nerdy past and become a stud when he changes school in this hilarious comedy! But it’s still gonna to take a miracle!
Planned release date: 21 June

Top Gun
Relive the action movie that defined the Eighties! Hot shot pilot Maverick joins the most elite fighter group in the world, but there’s only space for so many egos…
Planned release date: 28 June

Monsters vs Aliens
A freak meteor hits Susan and turns her into a giant. The government hides her away with other freaks. Then aliens invade and now the world needs their help!
Planned release date: 28 June

Non-fiction additions

Birthright: A War Story is First on Showmax
Image: Gravitas

Warning: This Drug May Kill You
Addiction to painkillers is a massive epidemic that is destroying lives. This unflinching documentary follows four families with members caught in the spiral of addiction that’s destroying everyone around them.
Planned release date: 4 June

Birthright: A War Story, First on Showmax
The rights of women to choose how and when they want children are being stripped away by politicians. This harrowing documentary reveals the war that’s turning pregnant women into criminals.
Planned release date: 7 June

Big Men
Many shady people are making a lot of money from West Africa’s oil, no matter what laws they break. One brave filmmaker digs into this industry, exposing the corruption underneath.
Planned release date: 11 June

Men in the Arena, First on Showmax
Their country has been devastated by war. But two friends have big dreams, taking them to the Somali national football team and beyond, against all odds.
Planned release date: 14 June

We Must Go
In 2012, the Egyptian national football team got a new coach and the ambition to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, finally told in this inspiring new documentary.
Planned release date: 14 June

South African additions

Point of Order on Showmax
Image: Both Worlds

Two paramedics are on a 12-hour night shift from hell. They have to treat a patient with multiple stab wounds, but can they get to the hospital before gangsters crush them?
Planned release date: 4 June

Point of Order, S1-2
A SAFTA-winning hilarious comedy panel show set in a mock SA Parliament, with Tumi Marake as Madam Speaker and a line-up of SA’s best comedians as MPs and guests.
Planned release date: 7 June

Fluiters, S1
Deon Opperman wrote this addictive local thriller series about whistleblowers coming up against corrupt government and ISIS officials. Starring Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo and more SA screen veterans.
Planned release date: 11 June

French Toast
This beautifully shot Afrikaans romcom sees a wine farm heiress heading to Paris to find a long-lost sibling, but ends up finding a new lover – and herself – along the way.
Planned release date: 14 June

Nege Maande, S2
Follow a new batch of SA moms on their pregnancy journeys, through all the highs and the lows, until they finally get to meet their babies.
Planned release date: 18 June

Fiesta, S14-15
Come along for the ride of your life as Fiesta explores our country’s wildest and whackiest festivals and celebrations.
Planned release date: 25 June

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