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Marvel's Runaways First on Showmax
Marvel’s Runaways – Coming First and Only on Showmax. Image: ABC

With series coming first and only to Showmax, such as Marvel’s Runaways, plus loads of fab family films and the spellbinding Planet Earth, Season 2 hitting your screens this month, Showmax is the place to be in April.

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International series

HBO's Animals on Showmax
HBO’s Animals, coming to Showmax in April. Image: HBO

Marvel’s Runaways – First on Showmax
When six teenagers realise their parents are supervillains and hiding dark secrets, they must band together to stop them – before it’s too late.
Planned release date: 13/04

Bosch, Season 4 – Only on Showmax
Detective Harry Bosch is back to tackle an explosive case that sees Los Angele on the brink of chaos in this gripping series based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling crime novels.
Planned release date: 20/04

HBO’s Animals, Season 1
Animals have it tough, especially in New York City. Don’t miss this excellent animated adult comedy series, starring a cast of animals and their very city-centric problems…
Planned release date: 03/04

Top of the Lake, Season 2
Robin moves to Sydney, hoping to get away from the violence of her previous case. But things take a nasty twist with a grim suitcase washing up on the shore.
Planned release date: 03/04

Once Upon A Time, Seasons 1-5
Binge on this epic series about Emma, a bail bonds collector who might also be Snow White! But she’s not the dainty little princess you’re thinking of…
Planned release date: 03/04

The Durrells, Season 2
Louisa is done with being poor. So she starts a market stall, but are the locals ready for it? The colourful Durrells are back for a new season of madness.
Planned release date: 03/04

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Seasons 1-3
The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division or SHIELD go in when the superheroes can’t, stopping Hydra from taking over the world in this action-packed series from Marvel Comics.
Planned release date: 03/04

Revisit the most tragic sea voyage in modern history and follow the stories of the passengers, from the richest to the poorest, in this thrilling mini-series drama.
Planned release date: 03/04

Watching Ellie, Seasons 1-2
Ellie is just trying to get through a musical career and her own crazy life – and we get to follow her in real time in this inventive new comedy.
Planned release date: 03/04

Happy Family, Season 1
A fun family comedy about a couple looking forward to a quiet home now that their kids are adults – but their twentysomething kids refuse to leave home.
Planned release date: 03/04

Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man
From comic legend Stan Lee, comes a thrilling British supernatural crime series following Detective Harry Clayton, a crime fighter with a special power: he can control luck.
Planned release date: 03/04

Survivor, Season 32: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty
Who is the most likely to survive? The tribe with the looks, the tribe with the physical strength or the tribe with the smarts? Find out as these castaways battle it out for the top spot.
Planned release date: 03/04

The Fixer, Seasons 1-5
Olivia is the best in the game: whatever your scandal, she can cover it up. But her own life stays a mess in this thrilling new drama series.
Planned release date: 03/04

International movies

Kickboxer on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate


Big Miracle
When a group of whales are trapped in icy waters, a local journalist takes action to help and save them in this excellent and thrilling story for the whole family.
Planned release date: 02/04

Kung Fu Panda
Go back to the animated masterpiece with Po, the big panda with an even bigger dream: to be a kung fu legend! Then a prophecy picks him as the one…
Planned release date: 02/04

Over the Hedge
Rising from their hibernation, a gang of woodland creatures find that humans have moved in! Luckily a wily raccoon is there to show them the ropes in this family animation.
Planned release date: 02/04

The Pink Panther
Steve Martin brings the bumbling Inspector Clouseau to life in this side-splitting comedy about a missing diamond, a murder conspiracy and the world’s most accidentally dangerous man.
Planned release date: 05/04

The Pink Panther 2
A valuable treasure trove is stolen and only one man can track it down… Better hope he doesn’t destroy everything before the job is done in this hilarious sequel.
Planned release date: 05/04

Flushed Away
A pampered pet rat lands in the sewer, but a scavenger helps him get back to his life of luxury in this animated adventure starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet.
Planned release date: 05/04

Shark Tale
Oscar is a small fish in a big pond – until he claims to kill a local mob shark! He gets all the fame, but the shark’s gang wants revenge…
Planned release date: 05/04


Two people meet by chance, but while he’s in love, she’s expecting a different destiny. Then, 10 years later, they meet again. Does this mean they’re meant to be?
Planned release date: 09/04

What We Did on Our Holiday
Doug, Abi and their kids are off on a holiday. They try to keep their divorce a secret, but that’s not going to be easy in this heartwarming family comedy.
Planned release date: 09/04

Resident Evil
Something has gone wrong in a facility deep underground and the special forces unit who go in are ready for anything.. except what they find in this action-packed thriller.
Planned release date: 12/04

Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse
The survivors of the first movie must now fight to leave Raccoon City, before a nuke blows up everything. But the virus has also reached the surface…
Planned release date: 12/04

Dr Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat
Comedy genius Mike Myers steps into the world’s favourite Dr Seuss character, so expect chaos to follow in this hysterical family comedy full of amazing special effects.
Planned release date: 12/04

One is a grizzled loner cop. The other is a sniffer dog with a super nose. But can they stand each other, in this classic side-splitting comedy?
Planned release date: 16/04

White Bird in a Blizzard
Kat’s eccentric mother disappears, and she enjoys the freedom for a while. But over time the disappearance bothers Kat and brings her closer to some unsettling truths…
Planned release date: 16/04

Intolerable Cruelty
George Clooney is a top lawyer who always gets his clients off their divorce obligations. But when Catherine Zeta-Jones loses her settlement in court, she’s out for some cruel revenge.
Planned release date: 19/04

Out to avenge his brother’s death at the hand of a cruel champion, Kurt secretly joins the murderer’s cult in this action-packed remake of the original classic.
Planned release date: 23/04

Anger Management
Dave is as placid as they come, but is ordered to see an anger management specialist after an unusual outburst. A hilarious comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.
Planned release date: 26/04

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Step into the adventure of Angelina Jolie’s signature role, Lara Croft, as the video game comes to life to save the world in this action-packed thrill ride!
Planned release date: 29/04

Non-fiction additions

Planet Earth II on Showmax
Image: BBC

Planet Earth, Season 2
The incredible award-winning documentary is back, again taking us closer to nature than ever before. From a lizard escaping a sea of snakes to dancing bears, it’s a truly awe-inspiring visual feast.
Planned release date: 02/04

Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, Season 2
The toughest show is back. This time contestants must survive the training of SA’s Recces, Poland’s GROM, the US Green Berets and more! Not everyone makes it through hell week.
Planned release date: 09/04

Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma
Homegrown terrorism is a threat in the USA. But how big is it really? Why are people signing up with ISIS? Step into their dark world in this gripping documentary.
Planned release date: 16/04

Grand Designs House of the Year, Season 1
Step into some of the UK’s most stylish homes and get design inspiration as host Kevin McCloud visits award winners all in line for House of the Year.
Planned release date: 23/04

Kids’ shows

Ready Jet Go on Showmax
Image: CAKE

Angry Birds Blues, Season 1
The blues just want to relax, but that isn’t gonna happen with the hatchlings around. Enjoy the ridiculous adventures of these birds as they try to ruffle each others’ feathers!
Planned release date: 02/04

Wizards vs Aliens, Seasons 1-3
Tom is a teenager with a secret: he comes from a family of wizards. When aliens try to invade Earth, he teams up with scientific genius Benny to fight back.
Planned release date: 05/04

Ready Jet Go!, Season 2
Sean and Sydney are two regular kids, until they befriend the new kid, Jet Propulsion, who happens to be an alien! Soon they’re flying all over the solar system.
Planned release date: 05/04

Kate & Mim-Mim, Seasons 1-2
She’s got a wild imagination, but even Kate didn’t think she could conjure Mim-Mim, a giant rabbit and her best friend, always ready for a crazy adventure.
Planned release date: 19/04

Kate & Mim-Mim, Season 2 Special: Kate in Oz
Kate finds herself in the strangest place: the land of Oz! Luckily she has the imagination to show them a thing or two about being fantastic.
Planned release date: 19/04

South African additions

Living the Dream with Somizi on Showmax
Image: Mzansi Magic

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word
In this uplifting South African romantic drama, three friends try to find love, happiness and success in Johannesburg.
Planned release date: 02/04

Hear Me Move
This local dance movie follows the story of Muzi, the son of a pantsula dancer, searching for the truth behind his father’s death… and finding so much more.
Planned release date: 02/04

Jason Goliath Live at Lyric Theatre
Comedian Jason Goliath brings his unique sense of humour and unbridled energy to the stage in this comedy special, filmed at the Lyric Theatre in 2017.
Planned release date: 05/04

Living the Dream with Somizi, Season 1
He’s famous, he’s fabulous, he’s Somizi Mhlongo! Get an inside look at the highs and lows of his fast-paced and flamboyant celebrity lifestyle.
Planned release date: 05/04

Doubt, Season 1
This local murder mystery is sure to keep you guessing. Lindiwe goes on a long and painful search for justice – but someone is watching her every move …
Planned release date: 09/04

Vallei van Sluiers, Season 4
Another season of drama awaits as the saga of the inhabitants of the valley continues. Expect many secrets to come to light – some good and many evil.
Planned release date: 12/04

Wild en Wragtig, Seasons 1-2
Discover more about everything from hunting techniques, weapons and ammunition to conservation projects and products for the game industry.
Planned release date: 16/04

Joey Rasdien Live at Lyric Theatre
He could be the voice of a new generation of SA comedy … or he could be the voice of absurdity. Either way, Joey Rasdien will have you in stitches.
Planned release date: 16/04

Safari 4×4 Roetes, Seasons 7-9
Head into the wild and explore some of the most remote and challenging 4×4 routes out there. Plus, get advice on how to get more out of your off-road vehicle.
Planned release date: 23/04

In this South African noir film, a dead body is found during a high-profile engagement party at an exclusive safari lodge. It seems straightforward, but is it?
Planned release date: 23/04

Blood Lions
Environmental journalist Ian Michler takes a hard-hitting look into the reality of the highly lucrative farming of lions – bred to be killed.
Planned release date: 23/04

Once upon a Road Trip
Big names including Casper De Vries, Barry Hilton and Shaleen Surtie-Richards star in this dark comedy about a failed comedian who gets caught up in a bizarre series of kidnappings.
Planned release date: 26/04

To the Power of Three
Three university friends reunite after 30 years at a 50th birthday party. With failed marriages and stalled careers, all of them are dreading the reunion…but perhaps it’s not all bad.
Planned release date: 26/04

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