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We’ve got more great shows coming to Showmax Kenya in September. Take a look at the full list below to see all the series, movies, kids’ shows, sport and documentaries that you should be watching right now.

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Series Additions

Image: FOX

LA To Vegas – First on Showmax 
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what about all the crazy stuff that happens on the flights in and out of Sin City? Ronnie is the long-suffering flight attendant who faces it all in this hilarious new comedy series.
Planned release date: 03/09

The Magicians S3 – First on Showmax 
The hit fantasy series is back and this time it means war as matters escalate from last season’s cliffhanger. The students are trying hard to bring magic back, but that’ll be tough as the fairies continue to occupy their world…
Planned release date: 03/09

Impastor S1 – S2 
Buddy is a loser trying to escape a gambling debt. When a pastor accidentally dies while stopping Buddy’s suicide attempt, Buddy takes on the new identity! But he’s hardly pious material, leading to some hilarious consequences!
Planned release date: 03/09

Casual S3 
Things are complicated for siblings Valerie and Alex, but their love and professional lives are still in the pits. Still, now living in separate places, both have big plans for the future. But can they follow through?
Planned release date: 14/09

Starring Sharon Stone and directed by Steven Soderbergh, this limit series will have you at the edge of your seat. A small town, home to a major celebrity, is rocked by a disappearance. But there is much more going on here…
Planned release date: 03/09

Mistresses S1 – S4 
They are four women with very different lives. Some want to start families and others are trying to rebuild theirs. But through thick and thin, they are there for each other in this captivating drama series.
Planned release date: 03/09

Playing House S2 
BFFs Maggie and Emma are back in this hilarious comedy series about helping each other raise Maggie’s daughter Charlotte, even when they don’t have the best plans or are that good at making friends with the snooty neighbours…
Planned release date: 03/09

Harlots S2 – First on Showmax
Starring Liv Tyler, this new season pulls no punches. As the Spartan murders continue, someone arrives to restore the law. But that won’t stop the war between the brothels…
Planned release date: 10/09

Doctor Who S9 – S10 – Season 10 is First on Showmax
The Doctor has arrived on Showmax! Enjoy this much-loved sci-fi series where strange and weird don’t even start to explain the wonder and mystery of Dr. Who’s many worlds, full of rich characters and tough choices…
Planned release date: 14/09

Movie Additions

Southside With You. Image: Times Media

Southside With You 
Before he became the first black President of the US and she his wife, Barrack and Michelle went on a first date that would change their destinies.
Planned release date: 03/09

It’s non-stop action in this epic adventure, where US and Japanese navies have to join forces and take on a dangerous alien menace that trapped their ships.
Planned release date: 06/09

The Prince And Me
Paige is very focused on her medical career. But things get complicated when she discovers her boyfriend will one day be the king of Denmark in this thrilling romcom.
Planned release date: 06/09

Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist 
Orphan Molly Moon has a unique gift for hypnosis and a special book that helps her. When a crook tries to steal it, she must show him who’s boss.
Planned release date: 10/09

Inglorious Basterds 
The Nazis are occupying France. But an elite squad of soldiers, led by Brad Pitt, set out to take their revenge in this brilliant move from master director Quentin Tarantino.
Planned release date: 13/09

American Wedding 
Jim and Michelle are getting married! That means getting the old gang together – even the party-mad Stifler. Will their wedding survive in this conclusion of the American Pie series?
Planned release date: 13/09

Forgetting Sarah Marshal
After Peter is dumped by his actress girlfriend Sarah, he goes to Hawaii to recover. But when he gets there, she’s there too, along with her rock star boyfriend in this hilarious comedy.
Planned release date: 20/09

Dirty Dancing
He’s the bad boy dance instructor. She’s the innocent teenager aching to rebel. Together they will set the dance floor on fire in this amazing remake of the classic.
Planned release date: 20/09

The Adjustment Bureau 
So close to realising his ambitions, David meets the woman of his dreams. But mysterious agents keep appearing to stop them from getting together. Don’t miss this edgy sci-fi thriller!
Planned release date: 27/09

Kids’ Shows

Image: Nickelodeon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3 
The turtles are in hiding after escaping Shredder and Kraang’s attack. Now without Splinter, and Leonardo gravely injured, can they recover? But a few new friends are ready to help…
Planned release date: 03/09

Shimmer & Shine S1 
Shimmer and Shine are genies-in-training. That means their wishes don’t always work out as planned, but luckily there are friends to help clean up the mess.
Planned release date: 06/09

I Am Frankie S1 
Frankie is not your ordinary teen. She is secretly a robot, hidden from an evil corporation. Frankie needs to behave human if she wants to stay safe…
Planned release date: 13/09

Little Charmers S1 
The charmers all have special powers, even if they don’t quite know how to use them in this fun adventure series for all ages.
Planned release date:  20/09

The Thundermans S1 
Can a family of superheroes have a normal life? That’s the problem for the Thundermans, where everyone has a super power! Luckily for us, they also help save the world…
Planned release date: 20/09

Zafari S2 
The unique animals from the Zafari zoo are back for all new adventures. From learning about balance to mastering patience, we are all in for a treat.
Planned release date: 24/09

Peppa Pig Special: Golden Boots 
Miss Duck has left with special golden boots, so Peppa and her friends set out to find them. They’ll cross lands, the sea and even go to space!
Planned release date: 27/09


Southern Rites. Image: HBO

Southern Rites 
In a town where racial segregation still lives in the hearts of its residents, a shocking murder forces everyone to consider where they stand in this divisive debate.
Planned release date: 06/09

From Here to Timbuktu 
Join in on a journey to historically and culturally significant locations across Africa. We take a closer look at the role that the location and its people played in shaping the continent’s destiny.
Planned release date: 06/09

Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages 
What is it that make comic books great? This documentary delves behind the pictures and words to show a whole new side to this art form.
Planned release date: 10/09

Chronic-Con Episode 420: A New Dope 
Weed-loving comedian Doug Benson is back, this time heading to San Diego’s famous comic convention to spread a little chaos in this hilarious documentary.
Planned release date: 10/09

Blurred Lines – First on Showmax
Art doesn’t always make sense, but this brilliant look at the contemporary art world may just get you thinking differently about why we like what we like.
Planned release date: 13/09

Lane 0: The Lane of Dreams – First on Showmax
A team of swimmers from developing nations try to qualify for the Olympic Games. This stunning movie follows them as they push for glory against all odds.
Planned release date: 20/09

Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees – First on Showmax
Enter the world of trees with Dame Judi Dench. Filmed over a year, this stunning experience tracks the giants of the plant world as they change over the seasons.
Planned release date: 27/09

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