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July is a huge month with loads of shows coming that are first and only on Showmax like Younger S5, Siren S1, Find Me In Paris and more! The Fast and The Furious fans are also in for a treat this month with a new collection coming. Plus some great documentaries and sport shows too! Check out the full list below.

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Series Additions

Younger on Showmax
Image: Endemol

Younger S5 E1-4 | First on Showmax
The trip to Ireland behind her, Liza is ready to move on. But then a meeting gets a little awkward in this quirky new season, first on Showmax!
Planned release date: 02/07

Siren S1 – First on Showmax
A new girl in town reminds people of local mermaid legends. But there really is something going on in the sea in this thrilling new series, first on Showmax.
Planned release date: 09/07

What’s the real story behind Guy Fawkes day? This gripping new three-part series with a star-studded cast uncovers the gritty, violent and steamy truth in HBO’s newest drama.
Planned release date: 02/07

Cougar Town S1 – S6 
Jules is divorced, running her own business and dealing with her sarcastic teenage son. Enjoy the entire run of this hilarious comedy series about love, life and lots of wine.
Planned release date: 02/07

Togetherness S1 – S2 
Their marriage has lost its spark, but Brett and Michelle haven’t given up yet! Then things get chaotic in this fun dramady when some friends and family move in.
Planned release date: 02/07

You’ve Been T@gged S2 
Monkeyman’s reign of terror is over – now Hailey, Rowan and Elisia try to put the nightmare behind them. But the murderer might not have been working alone…
Planned release date: 02/07

Suits S7 
Donna is eyeing a senior partner role, using Louis’ breakup meltdown as the opportunity to make her move. Things at the firm are about to change.
Planned release date: 02/07

Movie Additions

The Fast & The Furious Collection is coming to Showmax. Image: NBC

Killer Joe 
A corrupt cop who kills for money is hired by a drug dealer to eliminate his mother. Then things will get twisted in this dark thriller starring Matthew McConaughey.
Planned release date: 02/07

Helicopter Mom 
She wants to be really supportive, but things get a bit out of hand in this hilarious comedy when a mom starts thinking her sexually confused teenager is gay…
Planned release date: 02/07

The Fast & The Furious 
Start at the beginning of this epic action-packed and high octane series as Brian, an undercover cop, enters the crew of Dom, street racing god and possible master criminal…
Planned release date: 05/07

2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian thought he’d quit being a cop. But while racing in Miami’s underground scene, he gets pulled back in to bust a drug kingpin in this pedal-to-the-metal sequel.
Planned release date: 05/07

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift 
After his street race causes a tonne of damage, Sean is shipped off to Japan. But there he finds a whole new racing scene and the crazy sport of drifting…
Planned release date: 05/07

Fast & Furious 
A horrific murder draws Dom out of hiding when he crosses paths with Brian, the man who caused his exile. But they need to work together to catch the killer…
Planned release date: 05/07

Fast Five
Brian and Dom are on the run… One last job can set them up for life. But can they get away from a new elite federal agent closing in on them?
Planned release date: 05/07

The Reluctant Fundamentalist 
Changez Khan is a rising Wall Street star. But while on holiday in the Philippines, the Twin Towers fall during the 9/11 attacks, changing his life forever in this thriller.
Planned release date: 09/07

Chasing Mavericks 
A surfing prodigy sets out to conquer a massive legendary wave and he enlists a local surfing legend to help him take it on in this adrenaline-pumping movie.
Planned release date: 09/07

Despicable Me 
Gru is super-wicked and a great villain – complete with an army of minions. Then three orphans show up on his door and delay his plans for world domination.
Planned release date: 12/09

Dead Awake 
A social worker doesn’t believe the deaths she’s investigating were caused by an evil entity that comes when you sleep… until it starts going after her in this chilling horror…
Planned release date: 12/09

The Philly Kid 
He was a wrestling chamion, but learned MMA in jail to survive. Now he has to use his fighting skills to help save his friend from a vicious loan shark.
Planned release date: 16/07

Bomb City – First on Showmax
Based on a true story, a feud between punk rockers and jocks ends up in murder and a court case that shocked everyone. Don’t miss this riveting real-life crime thriller.
Planned release date: 19/07

Two very different people, both homeless, find common ground in this stirring drama about hope, companionship and helping each other survive a cruel world.
Planned release date: 19/07

An Enemy 
A bored professor discovers someone who looks exactly like him. Soon he starts delving into the other person’s affairs and things become dangerous in this gripping thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
Planned release date: 23/07

The Fighting Temptations 
A disgraced advertising executive has a chance to inherit a lot of money. But first he must lead the local gospel choir to victory in a competition in this hilarious musical.
Planned release date: 26/07

Kids’ Shows

Team Toon S1 
Four teens have a special power: the cartoons they draw come to life. So they use these to solve crimes and, if things get really tough, summon the psycho squirrel.
Planned release date: 02/07

Tree Fu Tom S1-3 
Join Tom in the magical kingdom of Treetopolis, where he uses magical powers to be a superhero and save the day with the help of his many friends, including you.
Planned release date: 05/07

Paw Patrol S2 
Ryder and his pup pack, including firefighter-in-training Marshall and wannabe police-dog Chase, spring to action to save the day in Adventure Bay. Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help!
Planned release date: 05/07

Find Me In Paris S1 – First on Showmax
Lena the ballerina is on the cusp of fame in the year 1905 – until her boyfriend gives her an old family necklace that transports her to the 21st Century.
Planned release date: 05/07

Zafari S1 
Near Mount Kilimanjaro there is a zoo full of unique creatures. A baby elephant with zebra stripes or a flamingo-coloured lion? You never know what you’ll see at Zafari.
Planned release date: 09/07

Life Hacks For Kids On The Road S1
Even wanted your own snuggie? Gillian and Angeline create cool things that you can make at home, while also visiting fun and exciting places we all can learn from.
Planned release date: 09/07

Blaze And The Monster Machine S1 
AJ is Axle City’s top racer and Blaze is his powerful car. Together they go on many adventures, exploring science and math in fun ways that everyone will enjoy.
Planned release date: 12/07

Henry Danger S1-2 
Henry’s friends think he’s just a timid guy. But he’s also Kid Danger, sidekick to the superhero Captain Man. Gadgets, adventures and saving the world – not a bad deal.
Planned release date: 19/07

Raa Raa The Noisy Lion S1 
Bringing joy to toddlers and their parents everywhere, Raa Raa and his friends Topsy, Huffty, Zebby and others solve all sorts of noisy mysteries in the Jingly Jangly Jungle.
Planned release date: 23/07

Jojo Siwa My World Documentary
She went from small town girl to social media superstar, thanks to her moves, her songs and her positive attitude. Now join Jojo Siwa as she takes us with her!
Planned release date: 26/07

Postman Pat S8
From giant pumpkins to saving the local Winter Games to flying sharks to a bouncing lightbulb, Postman Pat has his hands full with all-new adventures in this fun season.
Planned release date: 26/07


Children of the Light 
Archbishop Desmond Tutu fought against apartheid despite intimidation and life-threatening dangers. This documentary tells us his remarkable story through interviews and archival footage – not to be missed!
Planned release date: 02/07

The Road to Peace 
He stands for a free Tibet but there is much more to the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader and inspiration to us all. Get to know him in this unique documentary.
Planned release date: 05/07

All for One – First on Showmax
Greenedge was Australia’s first pro cycling team, but it wasn’t easy. Witness their amazing journey captured in over 4000 hours of footage and see how it changed the sport forever…
Planned release date: 09/07

Nightmare on Everest 
In 2015 a massive earthquake hit Nepal, claiming thousands of lives. But it also gave rise to heroes in this gripping and incredible journey into the heart of a disaster.
Planned release date: 16/07

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy – First on Showmax
It was one of the most important battleships of World War 2, but came to a grisly end. Now learn more about this great vessel and its brave crew.
Planned release date: 19/07

Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds 
The are both superstars, but we’ve never seen Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds like this. There will be laughter, tears and everything in between in this intimate documentary.
Planned release date: 26/07

New African shows

Image: AFL

Huba S1
Two worlds collide, one controlled by money and the other overshadowed by greed. Will love or hate win out in this Kenyan series?
Planned release date: 05/07

Jela 5 Star
Madam Melba is the tough, but fair, manager of an all-male correctional services facility in this hilarious prison comedy.
Planned release date: 19/07

10 years after his wife’s disappearance, Dingo must move on. When his wife’s best friend arrives, she seems to be the perfect romantic partner. But is she telling the truth?
Planned release date: 02/07

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**Please note release dates may change unexpectedly.

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