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There’s so much to look forward to in November – here are the hot new titles that will be hitting Showmax subscribers’ screens.

International series

The Girlfriend Experience is only on Showmax
Image: Starz

The Girlfriend Experience, S1-2 | First and only on Showmax
Called “utterly bingeworthy” by critics, this captivating drama follows several women who lead double lives as professional escorts. But it’s not just about the sex – they provide much more. Strictly no under-18s.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Future Man, S1 | First and only on Showmax
When Josh beats an impossible video game, soldiers from the future choose him to save the world. But it turns out he’s much more of a loser than they thought…
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Rise, S1 | First and only on Showmax
With few prospects, the students in a working-class school have little to look forward to. Opportunity knocks when a new teacher takes over the drama department, but what about the drama in their lives?
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

The Last Post, S1 | First and only on Showmax
Based deep in the Middle East, far from home, the soldiers and families of a British outpost have to navigate life and duty while facing a growing insurgency against them in this lush and engrossing historical drama.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Vikings, S5B | Express from the US | First and only on Showmax
The final 10 episodes of Season 5 of the hit series about the violent and brutal Norse warriors will reveal the fate of the Kattegat people. With Duke Rollo (Clive Standen) returning to Kattegat at the end of part one and Ivar the Boneless becoming king, there’s a lot of unfinished business to tackle. New episodes air express from the US.
Planned release date: 29 November 2018

Vanity Fair, S1 | New episodes weekly
This gorgeous, brand-new series is an adaptation of William Thackeray’s 1848 novel about Becky Sharp and her friends and family during the Napoleonic Wars. Starring Olivia Cooke, Tom Bateman and Johnny Flynn.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Ash vs Evil Dead, S1
When evil is about to destroy the world, there is only one man who can take care of business! Alas, that one man is an egocentric, loudmouthed, impulsive idiot. Don’t miss this hilarious, super-gory, always entertaining madness.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Freakish, S2
The fight for survival continues as Lashawn, still alive, returns to the school. But others have followed him and they are set to kill the remaining students. It’s a game of hide and seek as survival takes centre stage once again.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

The Handmaid’s Tale, S2
Opening on a shocking scene that brings the brutality of the Republic of Gilead to life, the new season of this award-winning series pulls no punches. Offred and her sisters might survive, but freedom will take much more.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Good Karma Hospital, S2
The wonderful and whimsical hospital is back, where life can get demanding but there is always a bright side to things. A few new arrivals will make sure things aren’t going to quieten down!
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Counterpart, S1
The mesmerising JK Simmons is Howard, a career agent who clocks in every day without much purpose. Then he meets his double, literally from a mirror reality, and becomes embroiled in a twisted plot of murder and mayhem.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Black Sails, S3
It’s all-out war between Flint and the world when he declines Captain Hornigold’s dubious pardons. As they prepare for the storm coming at them, other players in the Caribbean, including Blackbeard, are making their moves.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Luther, S1-4
Idris Elba is Luther, a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective. He uses his skills to hunt down the worst among us, but that comes at the cost of his own stability in this excellent crime drama.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Revelations, S1
The apocalypse is approaching, and a top scientist is one of the few to see the signs. As he tries to find a way to stop it, he meets a nun who is also concerned about the future. But can they avert the end of the world?
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

Code Black, S1-2
It’s the busiest emergency room in the US, taking grit, determination and split-second decisions to save lives. Based on the documentary about the real-life hospital, this new drama packs all the punch and a lot more…
Planned release date: 5 November 2018

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, S1-2
Sometimes things go wrong when you are abroad. For citizens of the US, they can call the FBI’s International Division. Investigating crimes across the globe, this Criminal Minds team goes where crime does.
Planned release date: 19 November 2018

Snowfall, S1
The only thing you can control is your future, and for Franklin, the way out of the hood is through selling cocaine. But it puts him in the middle of an industry about to go to war in this brilliant and edgy crime drama.
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

International movies

Berlin Syndrome is first and only on Showmax
Image: NBC

Berlin Syndrome | First on Showmax
Their affair seemed perfect for a holiday romance. But when a photojournalist wakes up in her lover’s apartment, she finds she can’t leave and is the centre of a very dangerous obsession … and nobody is coming to help.
Planned release date: 15 November 2018

Pain & Gain
Based on true events, three gym muscleheads – played by Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie – kidnap a rich businessman in order to get rich themselves. If only they were as clever as their plan sounded…
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

PS I Love You
Holly’s world collapses when her husband Gerry dies from an illness. Then letters start to arrive – letters Gerry wrote before his death, knowing she’d need him even more when he was gone. Get the tissues out for this one!
Planned release date: 1 November 2018

She’s Out of My League
Everybody is stunned when gorgeous, successful Molly falls in love with Kirk, an average guy stuck in a dead-end job. Now he has to figure out how to make this relationship work, with no help from his friends, family or his ex.
Planned release date: 5 November 2018

The Dictator
General Aladeen has worked hard to defend his country from democracy. So he goes to New York to avoid an assassination plot… but is New York ready for his insanity?
Planned release date: 5 November 2018

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Tempted by a job at the first 24-hour global cable news network, Ron puts together his team and hits the airwaves again. But they will need all of their insanity if they want to beat the ratings and impress a tough new boss…
Planned release date: 8 November 2018

His name is Maximus, a once-great Roman general. Sold into slavery by the scheming son of the emperor, the warrior fights his way back to glory and gets revenge for his family in this modern cinema classic.
Planned release date: 8 November 2018

Nim’s Island
She has written the world’s most loved adventure novels, but has never left her house! Then a fan on a distant secret island pleads for help, so Alex has to get out of her comfort zone and leap into a whirlwind adventure.
Planned release date: 12 November 2018

School of Rock
Desperate for cash, Dewey takes a job teaching music at an exclusive private school. But the academy is not ready for his unique brand of rock ‘n roll fury!
Planned release date: 12 November 2018

Safe House
Languishing as a CIA operative in Cape Town, Matt’s chance finally comes with a rogue agent arriving at his safe house. But they barely have time to prepare when mercenaries attack, out to kill the turncoat and whoever helps him.
Planned release date: 15 November 2018

Requiem for a Dream
The desperate fight for dreams and happiness goes into a downward spiral in this surreal cult masterpiece. Four people’s lives take very dramatic turns as they get hooked on powerful drugs and grow out of control…
Planned release date: 15 November 2018

Jack Reacher
Five ordinary people are shot dead in a seemingly random attack. The suspect: an ex-military sniper who is brought into custody. Under interrogation, he says one thing only: Get Jack Reacher. But can Jack unravel this mystery?
Planned release date: 19 November 2018

Four Brothers
When their foster mom is killed, her four adopted sons come back to Detroit to take down the neighbourhood kingpin. Jack is a muso, Angel is an ex-Marine, Bobby’s a hockey pro, Jeremiah is a suburban dad – and they want revenge.
Planned release date: 19 November 2018

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
A seemingly ordinary analyst, Jack Ryan is working for the CIA. Then the rookie agent uncovers a plan to destroy the global economy and is the only one with the skills to stop it in this tense action thriller.
Planned release date: 22 November 2018

Miami Vice
Out to stop drug lords in South Florida, two undercover detectives will stop at nothing to catch their prey. But as things get more personal, they have to put it all on the line or risk losing everything, including their lives…
Planned release date: 22 November 2018

The infamous JFK assassination has often focused on the crime itself. But this movie takes us behind the headlines. From the secret service to the film that captured it all, a star-filled cast brings this infamous moment alive.
Planned release date: 22 November 2018

Aeon Flux
400 years from now, after a deadly virus outbreak, Earth’s population is down to five million. Everyone lives in a oppressive city state, and the rebels want to overthrow it. They send Aeon Flux in to assasinate the chairman.
Planned release date: 26 November 2018

Pilot Whip Whitaker saves many in a horrifying airline crash. Then his dependence on drugs and alcohol come back to bite him, forcing him into major life changes.
Planned release date: 26 November 2018

Jackass Number 2
The insane hooligans Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and their friends return for another collection of ill-advised and hilarious stunts. Don’t try this at home, but enjoy watching at home as the jackasses return for more.
Planned release date: 29 November 2018

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
The elderly Irving and his young grandson Billy look like everyone else. But in reality they are out to prank the public with their rude behaviour – and capture it all on hidden cameras in this absurd candid camera comedy.
Planned release date: 29 November 2018

The Tuxedo
Never touch the tuxedo, that’s the rule. When Jimmy the chauffeur’s billionaire boss is out of action, he can’t resist and discovers the tuxedo is much more than a suit. Now he’s an unwitting secret agent in a dangerous game.
Planned release date: 29 November 2018

Hot Rod
It’s not easy being a stuntman, especially when you’re accident-prone. No matter, Rod is planning his most outrageous stunt yet to raise money for his bully stepfather Frank’s operation – then Rod is going to kick Frank’s butt.
Planned release date: 29 November 2018

Documentary additions

Mommy Dead and Dearest is on Showmax
Image: HBO

Mommy Dead and Dearest
When police found the body of a woman stabbed to death, they thought her disabled daughter was in danger. But as the truth surfaced, a twisted tale of abuse and mental instability would define this chilling murder.
Planned release date: 1 November

Jerrod Carmichael: 8
With topics that range from climate change to Trump to being a good boyfriend, the hilarious stand-up genius Jerrod Carmichael goes to town in this side-splitting one hour special. All bets are off with his subversive humour!
Planned release date: 5 November

Peace Officer | First on Showmax
Can peace be purchased with violence? That’s what this challenging documentary asks as it looks at the rapid militarisation of US police forces. As their weapons and tactics become more aggressive, are they part of the problem?
Planned release date: 8 November

Alinea in Residence: Madrid | First on Showmax
Chef Grant Achatz is a world leader in gastronomy and his three-star restaurant Alinea is renowned for its quality. Join this culinary genius and experience the intensity as he opens a new restaurant in Spain.
Planned release date: 12 November

From Stevie Wonder to Dave Grohl, the royalty of music come out to talk about the rise of the place that changed modern music: the studio. This eight-part documentary tells the incredible story of how music recording evolved.
Planned release date: 19 November

Getting to the Nutcracker
Dozens of dancers gather for something greater than themselves – the ballet The Nutcracker. This fly-on-the-wall documentary is along from the start to witness the blood, sweat and tears that make something amazing happen.
Planned release date: 26 November

Kids’ additions

Disney's Sofia the First on Showmax
Image: Disney

Wizards of Waverly Place, S1-4
Alex and her brothers discover they are part of a long line of wizards and they have to start training their powers. But that doesn’t mean real life stops… Enjoy this much loved teen comedy, now available in its entirety.
Planned release date: 1 November

Disney’s Star vs The Forces of Evil, S1-2
Not everyone gets a magic wand for their birthday but Star just isn’t ready. Her royal mom and dad send her to Earth to live and learn with the Diaz family and their son Marco. Soon Star is battling villains… and high school.
Planned release date: 1 November

Marvel’s Spider-Man, S1
Peter Parker develops powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider and now he can shoot webbing from his hands and climb walls. He’s still getting used to the idea of being a superhero, but villains don’t wait for anyone!
Planned release date: 1 November

Marvel’s Ant-Man, S1
No challenge is too big (or small) for Ant-Man and the Wasp in this new animated series. From saving the world to saving his daughter’s science fair entry, Ant-Man is ready for it all – and has a few jokes to match.
Planned release date: 5 November

Disney’s Puppy Dog Pals, S1
These two pups know what’s up. Bingo and Rolly are fun-loving pugs. With a little help from owner Bob, the cat Hossy and A.R.F. the robot dog, life is always more exciting with your best friends by your side.
Planned release date: 8 November

Wild Kratts, S1-3
Join Chris and Martin Kratt, two science-loving brothers exploring natural habitats, studying animals and learning as they go. Watch them transform into animals with their special suits and learn what makes each species special.
Planned release date: 8 November

Disney’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers, S1
Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto take to the streets in the town of Hot Dog Hills, racing around in their super-duper transforming cars to help people in need.
Planned release date: 12 November

Lucky Fred, S1-2
Fred is just an ordinary boy with a toy robot. Except, he also happens to help secret agent Briana Brains on her missions in this exciting series.
Planned release date: 12 November

Disney Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, S1
The evil Rippen wants to destroy the world, but he will need to get past teenage superhero Penn Zero first. But will Penn have time to save the world on top of school, his chores and the rest of his normal life?
Planned release date: 15 November

Darwin and Newts, S1
Darwin and Newts are always ready to learn something new. Join them on their adventures as they discover the world through science and a little ingenuity…
Planned release date: 15 November

Disney’s Doc McStuffins, S4
Armed with her stethoscope, Dottie “Doc” McStuffins can talk to and heal stuffed animals. There is always a new emergency at her clinic, but even in these new adventures Doc has a cure for every ailment.
Planned release date: 19 November

Disney’s Sofia the First, S4
Dragons, sea monsters… even flying camels – this is set to be the zaniest season for Sofia yet. New adventures, mysterious lands and strange magical creatures await her and her friends, so come along for the ride.
Planned release date: 19 November

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, S2
The discovery of Thanos’ asteroid kickstarts a vast and dangerous adventure for the Guardians, but not without a lot of other missions along the way, including zombies and symbiotes, in this exciting new season.
Planned release date: 22 November

Barney & Friends, S12-14
“Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination and when he’s tall, he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation!” The world’s favourite schoolyard friend makes learning fun, and teaches the value of love and compassion while he’s at it.
Planned release date: 22 November

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, S1-2
Play and learn! Put on your stripes and join Daniel Tiger in the Neighbourhood of Make-Believe. Get ready for adventures with O the Owl, Katerina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina.
Planned release date: 26 November

Cam & Leon, S1
It’s a rough life in the city park, with all sorts of human objects in your way. Cam and Leon try to put their chameleon powers to good use, but you never know what misadventure awaits them next as they run into new obstacles.
Planned release date: 26 November

Disney’s Tangled, S1
Destined to be the ruler of Corona, Rapunzel realises she has to learn a lot more about the world. Luckily Eugene, Pascal and Maximus are ready for the adventures. But so is the hair…
Planned release date: 29 November

LEGO Disney Frozen: Northern Lights, S1
The northern lights haven’t arrived when they should, so Elsa, Anna and the gang go to find them. Disney’s magic snowy fairytale blends with Lego animation to create a special adventure with everyone’s favourite royal sisters.
Planned release date: 29 November

African additions

Our Perfect Wedding on Showmax

30 Days in Atlanta
An action-packed rom-com about two cousins who have the adventure of a lifetime after winning a 30-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Atlanta.
Planned release date: 1 November

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam
A young couple fall in love and decide it’s time to meet the parents. When Sam takes his English girlfriend home to his family in Nigeria, all hell breaks loose.
Planned release date: 1 November

Our Perfect Wedding | New episodes
Our Perfect Wedding documents the preparations of couples as they attempt to pull off the perfect wedding. It digs into the nuances and details that go into place prior to and during a wedding.
Planned release date: 1 November

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