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May is a big month for bingeing, and we can’t wait for the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi with the extended and uncensored version coming to Showmax on 8 May.

We’ve also got more series that are First to Showmax with The Crossing and HBO’s Animals, Season 2. There are also brilliant Quentin Tarantino movies and loads more on the way so be sure to check the movies out.

Documentary fans will love Dying Laughing, which features the likes of Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, and many more comedians talking about what it takes to make people laugh for a living.

For the kids there’s more Barbie and the new Monsuno: Battle Master, which is like a Pokémon meets Yugioh hybrid. Check out the entire list below!

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Series Additions

The Crossing first on Showmax
Image: ABC

The Crossing – FIRST on Showmax
First on Showmax. 500 refugees washing up alive on the shores of a small town isn’t the strange part, what’s strange is that they’re running from the future. The first five episodes launch on Showmax on 4 May, with the rest of the season coming in June, and the final two episodes express from the US.
Planned Release Date: May TBC

Animals S2 – FIRST on Showmax
First on Showmax: the strange, neurotic, excitable and scary animals are back! If you think humans were weird, this crazy comedy series will have you think twice about your pets…
Planned Release Date: 01/05

Strike Back S4 
Section 20 are elite terrorist hunters, tracking a dangerous madman, the notorious al-Zuhari, who evades them and takes revenge. A non-stop action thriller from start to end.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

The Comeback S1-2
B-grade actress Valerie (Lisa Kudrow) wants her spot in the limelight and will do whatever it takes to be a star again – and we’re all going along for the ride!
Planned Release Date: 01/05

In Treatment S1 
Gabriel Byrne stars as Paul, a brilliant psychologist who helps his patients. But the sessions also force him to face truths of his own life in this gripping drama series.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

Getting On S1-2
They may be underpaid, overworked and mostly ignored. But the ragtag team of doctors and nurses at Mt. Palms look after their elderly patients, no matter what it takes.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

The Fosters S1-3
This foster family is ready to welcome anyone, but a new girl pushes them to their limits. Can they reach her or will they be forced to give up?
Planned Release Date: 04/05

Marvel’s Agent Carter S1-2 
Agent Peggy Carter is a secret agent, sworn to save the world from danger. She stands between us the the forces of evil in this brilliant series from Marvel Comics.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

Good Karma Hospital S1 
Ruby needs to escape and takes a job as a doctor in Sri Lanka. She thinks she’s prepared, but she didn’t expect how much the place would change her…
Planned Release Date: 04/05

Quantico S1 
Chased for a terrorism crime she didn’t commit, a top FBI agent has to survive. Luckily she learned how at one of the best training academies in the world…
Planned Release Date: 01/05

Movie Additions

Bridesmaids coming to Showmax. Image: NBC

The Brothers Grimm 
Wilhelm and Jacob go from town to town, tricking villagers with fake scams. Then they are hired to rescue missing girls and discover that ancient evil magic really does exist.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

It’s A Boy Girl Thing 
Nell is a pretty nerd. Woody is a wood-headed jock. They can’t be more different, so when an Inca curse swaps their bodies, they’re in for a strange ride.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

A man has to face his past and present when he learns his estranged father, who is dying, is taking himself off life support in this gripping family drama.
Planned Release Date: 01/05

Earth To Echo 
Two boys stumble upon a strange signal. When they trace its origins, it’s a cute alien robot who desperately needs their help in this fun family adventure.
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Meet The Fockers 
Greg has found his place with his fiance’s in-laws, especially her dad Jack. But now it’s time for them to meet his parents, the somewhat weird and forward Fockers…
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Little Fockers 
He’s on good terms with his father-in-law, but with twins and a new job, Greg might have a hard time keeping it all together in this brilliant comedy.
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Letters To Juliet 
While visiting Italy, Sophie finds an old love letter. When she agrees to help its writer track down the man she lost, it’s a beautiful adventure that will change everyone.
Planned Release Date: 07/05

Brightest Star 
After she dumps him, a guy tries to win back his girlfriend by becoming who she wants him to be. But instead he discovers a whole new side to life.
Planned Release Date: 07/05

Elspeth is a stressed-out mom with brats and an absent husband. Then she discovers that her webcam opens her to the world, which falls in love with her antics.
Planned Release Date: 10/05

What To Expect When You’re Expecting 
Pregnancy is hard, especially if you are a celebrity, or in a rivalry with your dad’s new twins, or after hooking up with your enemy in this hilarious comedy.
Planned Release Date: 10/05

Annie’s life is falling apart, but maybe helping with her friend’s wedding will distract her in this side-splitting comedy that isn’t nearly as nice as it sounds.
Planned Release Date: 10/05

Two very different people, both homeless, find common ground in this stirring drama about hope, survival and helping each other survive a cruel world.
Planned Release Date: 14/05

Sin City 
Sin City is a place like no other, where only the tough and quick survive and the games are always fixed for the bad guys to win.
Planned Release Date: 14/05

The Good Guy 
Beth wants a good job and a good guy, who she finds in Tommie. But when she meets his friend Daniel, things get a little complicated in this sweet drama.
Planned Release Date: 14/05

The Men Who Stare At Goats 
It was one of the strangest experiments the US military has ever done: do psychic powers exist? One journalist tries to find out, but the truth is stranger than fiction.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Pulp Fiction 
It is the quintessential film of the 90s. Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece changed movies forever and is still the fresh gamechanger with guns, gimps, bible verses and Royale with cheese.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Kill Bill: Vol 1 
When the Bride wakes up from a coma, she immediately sets out to find the people who left her for dead in this brilliant and bloody tale of revenge.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Kill Bill: Vol 2 
The Bride has hacked her way through Bill’s minions, but now she faces the most dangerous of them all. Luckily she was trained well for this explosive closing chapter.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Shrek 2 
It’s time for Shrek to meet Fiona’s parents. But they don’t know she’s an ogre and are expecting a handsome prince. They’re definitely not expecting the talking donkey…
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Shrek The Third 
Shrek doesn’t want to inherit the crown and needs a replacement. There is one: Fiona’s lazy slacker cousin. But getting him to the throne is going to be difficult.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Laws Of Attraction 
As lawyers and people they couldn’t be any more different. Then a custody battle force Audrey and Daniel to travel together… and the sparks fly.
Planned Release Date: 21/05

Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death 
Fleeing Nazi bombs, a couple evacuate orphans to Eel Marsh House. But the longer they stay, the more evil starts to grow there in this terrifying, blood-curdling horror.
Planned Release Date: 21/05

Serena (Times Media) 
When Serena is unable to give her husband a child, he has an affair. But Serena can’t let this lie and sets out to find and kill the woman.
Planned Release Date: 21/05

I, Frankenstein 
He was meant to be a monster, but the immortal Frankenstein may be the only thing that can stop warring evils from destroying the world in this action-packed supernatural adventure.
Planned Release Date: 24/05

Cry Freedom 
Denzel Washington and Kevin Kline star in this nail-biting return to Steve Biko’s last days – and the man who escaped to tell the world about it and Apartheid’s horrors.
Planned Release Date: 24/05

Dark Beacon 
Tracking down her former lover, Amy stumbles upon an isolated lighthouse. But there is something very wrong there and she’s suddenly up against real madness and dark forces…
Planned Release Date: 24/05

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 
Revisit this cult classic and surreal masterpiece starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet about a couple who decide to erase each other from their memories. Not to be missed!
Planned Release Date: 28/05

No Way To Live 
Trying to escape their oppressive town, a couple start going down a road of violent crime. Then things begin to get twisted this tense crime noir thriller.
Planned Release Date: 28/05

When arrogant Kyle pushes his classmate too far, she transforms him into someone hideous. If he doesn’t find true love within a year, he’ll stay that way forever.
Planned Release Date: 31/05

Folk Hero & Funny Guy 
A burnt-out comedian needs new material, so he joins his folk singer buddy on a tour. But he’s going to get a lot more than jokes in this road trip comedy.
Planned Release Date: 31/05

Documentary Additions

Conor McGregor Notorious will be First on Showmax. Image: NBC

Plastic Galaxy
The movies are only part of the story: Star Wars toys were and still are a massive part of the huge love for this franchise. This is their story.
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Man Made Planet 
Planned Release Date: 07/05

When the Bough Breaks – FIRST on Showmax
This eye-opening documentary reveals the devastating impact of postpartum depression and psychosis, an issue that is seldom talked about, even though it affects one in five women.
Planned Release Date: 10/05

Conor McGregor: Notorious – FIRST on Showmax
Filmed over four years, this all-access documentary follows UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s journey from his mum’s spare room to claiming multiple championship titles.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Dying Laughing – FIRST on Showmax 
What does it take to make people laugh for a living? Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Bob Saget, Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman and more reveal the truth.
Planned Release Date: 24/05

Kids’ Shows

Image: NBC

Barbie And The Secret Door 
Alexa is a very shy princess. Then she finds a secret door to a mystical realm, strange new friends… and her own special magic abilities!
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Monsuno: Battle Master S1-2 
An ancient DNA creates a horror that’ll destroy the world. But it also unleashes the Munsuno, the most powerful creatures on earth! Are you ready to battle?!
Planned Release Date: 13/05

Really Me S1-2 
Maddy has just won a contest to have her own reality show! But it’s not as easy as she thought, so luckily her best friend Julia is with her!
Planned Release Date: 24/05

South African Shows

(Please note that these shows will only be available to South African subscribers, with the exception of the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi, which will be available in both Kenya and SA, )

Ring of Lies S1 
When a bare-knuckle boxer leaves rural Limpopo to become a champion in Joburg, he enters a world that’s a lot darker than he imagined.
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Being Bonang S1 
Have you ever wondered what life is like for the self-proclaimed queen of media? Find out what it’s really like to be Bonang! Champagne, darling!
Planned Release Date: 03/05

Comedy Central Roast of Somizi 

The Comedy Central Roast of Somizi is coming to Showmax.

Don’t miss the uncensored, uncut version of the brutal Comedy Central Roast of Somizi, featuring DJ Fresh, Skhumba, Kurt Darren and even Filkile Mbalula!
Planned Release Date: 08/05

It’s Complicated S1 & S2 
Life’s complicated for these seven Jozi friends as they navigate relationships, career, romance and more in the City of Gold.
Planned Release Date: 10/05

Seepglad S1
In this hilarious Afrikaans comedy, the writer of a soap opera has to cope with his life off-camera, which is almost as drama-filled as the show.
Planned release date: 14/05

Wedding Bashers S1 
In this exciting wedding reality show, South African couples stand a chance of winning big. Which couple has what it takes to create the perfect day?
Planned Release Date: 17/05

My Kitchen Rules S1 
It’s heating up in the kitchen as South African amateur cooks invite viewers and judges into their homes and compete for a cash prize.
Planned Release Date: 17/05

Hier Gaan Ons Alweer S11-16
Join Petri de Wet and friends as they tour South Africa and Africa in search of the next big catch.
Planned release date: 21/05

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