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We’ve got the highly anticipated South African animated film that’s in line for an Academy Award coming to Showmax this month. That’s right, Revolting Rhymes will be coming First to Showmax! Plus there are loads of brilliant series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries coming to Showmax Kenya in March.

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Series Additions

SMILF on Showmax
SMILF coming to Showmax. Image: CBS

SMILF (First on Showmax) 
Being a single mom’s tough, especially when men run away once they see your kid. But Bridgette won’t trade it for anything in this stunning new show, first on Showmax.
Planned release date: 01/03

Teen Wolf S6
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is no ordinary teenager. After being bitten by a werewolf, his life is transformed when he discovers he has super-human strength.
Planned release date: 01/03

Veep S4 – S6
Selina’s unexpected jump to President sounds great, but can her and her staff even get the first speech right?! The circus adds a few rings in these hilarious new seasons.
Planned release date: 01/03

High Maintenance S1
High Maintenance follows an NYC pot dealer with a list of clients with neuroses as diverse as the city, providing a glimpse into the private lives of customers – and how they light things up.
Planned release date: 01/03

HBO’s The Wire S1 – S5 
Step into the streets of Baltimore, where gritty cops and clever drug dealers square off in this brilliant crime thriller where right and wrong is never black or white.
Planned release date: 01/03

Imposters S1 
Maddie is a con artist with a slew of victims behind her. But then she falls for a mark just as her past starts catching up with her…
Planned release date: 01/03

A Gifted Man S1
Michael is a top surgeon enjoying the luxurious things in life, until his departed ex-wife starts haunting him to keep her clinic for the underprivileged open in this heartwarming drama.
Planned release date: 01/03

Playing House S1 
Ditzy Maggie and perfectionist Emma have been best friends since forever. But now they have to really join forces when Emma discovers she’s pregnant in this hilarious comedy.
Planned release date: 01/03

The Messengers S1 
Five strangers collapse at the same time when a strange object crashes on the planet. They wake up changed, but will it be enough to stop the evil that arrived?
Planned release date: 01/03

Dovekeepers Mini-Series
Follow the true story of 900 Jews who resisted whole Roman armies in this gripping mini-series. The fates of four women are entwined with the siege, holding back an empire.
Planned release date: 01/03

The Astronauts Wives Club 
Being married to one of the first astronauts wasn’t easy, but these feisty women helped their men make history. But success can have a heavy price in this gripping miniseries.
Planned release date: 01/03

Angel from Hell S1
She’s drunk. She’s crazy. She’s a total pain in the butt. But as much as this annoys the focused and driven Alison, this strange woman might be her guardian angel.
Planned release date: 01/03

Incorporated S1 
In a near future, where corporations have absolute power, one man must risk everything and go undercover to save his wife. Don’t miss this epic thriller, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
Planned release date: 01/03

Road to – Ibiza S1 
It’s the trip of a lifetime for this bunch of youngsters, lucky enough to go sample the delights of the party island Ibiza – and we’re invited for the ride.
Planned release date: 01/03

Road to – Marbs S2 
Fourteen contestants are off to tour the Mediterranean. But there’s a catch, every day the least popular couple will get voted out. Who will make it all the way?
Planned release date: 01/03

Movie Additions

Jack Reacher on Showmax
Jack Reacher coming to Showmax. Image: Paramount

Jack Reacher
Catch Tom Cruise in one of his signature roles as an ex-military investigator looking into a mass shooting that doesn’t quite add up. Unfortunately for the perpetrators, Jack Reacher’s on the case.
Planned release date: 01/03

The Mexican
Enjoy this modern comedy classic with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, where we follow the hapless Jerry, a mob smuggler who has to collect a priceless gun that everyone seems to want.
Planned release date: 01/03

Despite new laws making it illegal, discrimination was still rife in 1965 America. So activists go on a march to change minds. What they accomplished changed history.
Planned release date: 01/03

The Hunger Games
A future dystopian state keeps people under control with a sport called The Hunger Games. But it never imagined the power of one girl who wants to protect her sister…
Planned release date: 01/03

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Katniss has won the Hunger Games, and her overlords want to parade her to the empire. But there’s a rebellion brewing in her heart…
Planned release date: 01/03

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Resistance is growing against President Snow and they want Katniss to join. But first she has to rescue her own friends from the clutches of the government…
Planned release date: 01/03

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
It’s no longer just about survival. Katniss and her rebels rise up against President Snow, who will stop at nothing to destroy the forces against his evil rule.
Planned release date: 01/03

From Dusk Till Dawn
Two outlaw brothers think they’re safe when they reach the safety of a remote strip club. But the horrors that wait inside are much more dangerous in this ultra-violent classic.
Planned release date: 05/03

In Too Deep
Jeffrey is an undercover cop, aiming to take down the biggest drug dealer in the city. But he’s pretty good at being a gangster and takes a liking to it…
Planned release date: 05/03

Tears Of The Sun
A group of elite soldiers are sent to rescue an American citizen. But when she refuses to leave her patients behind, they end up fighting for a much greater cause.
Planned release date: 08/03

True Legend
When his corrupt brother kidnaps his family and leaves him for dead, a former soldier trains with immortal masters to take revenge in this action-packed martial arts epic.
Planned release date: 08/03

Dante’s life is going nowhere fast, but one fateful day working at the local quick shop might change all that. A cult-classic movie that will have you in stitches.
Planned release date: 12/03

Once a war hero, a top sniper goes into retirement, only to be brought back and framed for assassination! But his enemies have chosen a dangerous man…
Planned release date: 15/03

Imagine That
Evan is so busy trying to succeed, he doesn’t even spend time with his daughter. Then, just as the pressure is on, he discovers her imaginary world is real.
Planned release date: 15/03

21 Grams
One car crash changes the lives of three total strangers, but in ways they didn’t expect. A searing drama featuring an all-star cast.
Planned release date: 15/03

My Boss’s Daughter
Want to suck up to your boss? Look after his house for the weekend. But you’d better hope his crazy daughter isn’t having a few people over for a party…
Planned release date: 19/03

Robocop – 2014
Hoping to sell police robots in the US, OmniCorp makes the perfect human-robot hybrid. But the company’s cold motives don’t sit well with its latest weapon in this action-packed film.
Planned release date: 22/03

The Pallbearer
Tom’s so lonely, he’ll pretend to know a dead guy in order to impress a woman. Things quickly get out of hand in this hilarious comedy about lying for love.
Planned release date: 26/03

Charlotte’s Web
Wilbur the pig doesn’t want to die, but he’s destined to end up on a plate. So, Wilbur and the spider Charlotte hatch a plan in this delightful family movie.
Planned release date: 29/03

Who wants to be Easter Bunny? Not E.B., who ditches his dad’s business and escapes to Los Angeles in this brilliant mix of animation and film.
Planned release date: 29/03

Feel the rush of the snowy North as Balto the sled dog rushes against time and danger to save his village in this exciting animated adventure.
Planned release date: 29/03

Kids Shows

Revolting Rhymes on Showmax
Revolting Rhymes coming to Showmax. Image: Magic Light

Smurfs S1 E73-92
Your favourite blue friends that live in mushroom houses in a beautiful forest are back. Follow the adventure as the smurfs outwit the evil Gargamel.
Planned release date: 01/03

Total Drama Island S1 
Everyone is out to win the $100,000 grand prize in this hilarious spoof of survival shows. Are you ready for Camp Wawanakwa, the most challenging reality show ever invented?
Planned release date: 01/03

The Revolting World Of Stanley Brown S1 (Fremantle Kids) – LP Start 8 Mar
Stanley Brown isn’t your normal kid. For one, he’s friends with Archie, a strange time-traveller who constantly drags him on adventures into the past and future in this teen sitcom.
Planned release date: 01/03

Revolting Rhymes (First on Showmax) 
Straight from the pages of the legendary children’s author Roald Dahl, revisit classic fairy tales brought to life in this amazing, Oscar-nominated animation.
Planned release date: 15/03

The Highway Rat
He’s a greedy rat always looking to steal the food. But this critter has bitten off more than he can chew in this cute animated show.
Planned release date: 15/03

Dorothy The Dinosaur S1-2 
She’s cuddly! She’s sweet! She’s Dorothy the lovable dinosaur, always off with her group of wacky friends, including Captain Feathersword, on a new adventures in this exciting and colourful series.
Planned release date:  19/03

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle
Get your toes tapping and hands clapping with the Wiggles, performing familiar and new songs to you in every episode, complete with activities that get us all moving.
Planned release date: 19/03

Max Steel S1-2 
Max is just another ordinary teenage boy… until he combines his mysterious power with the alien Steel, turning him into the superhero Max Steel.
Planned release date: 26/03

The WotWots S1-2 
DottyWot and SpottyWot are back to learn more about Earth’s animals. This time they are off to the farm to meet the creatures, as well as a sandy beach.
Planned release date: 26/03

Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus
Barbie is Princess Annika, a young lady just looking for adventure. Then she meets Brietta, a flying horse who wants her help to break a spell cast by an evil wizard.
Planned release date: 29/03


Becoming Warren Buffet on Showmax
Image: HBO

Becoming Warren Buffet 
He started out as a numbers-obsessed boy and is today one of the world’s richest people. Get to know Warren Buffet, investor and philanthropist, his thinking and his world.
Planned release date: 01/03

This Is Life with Lisa Ling S1-2
From gay ranchers to secret addicts, award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling profiles unconventional lifestyles, their people and the risks they have to take to be happy.
Planned release date: 08/03

1 – The Film
It was Formula 1’s deadliest period – and the era that pushed the sport onto a new level. Relive the glory days of racing’s greatest and bravest drivers.
Planned release date: 22/03

African Additions

Kookoo Inn S1 
KooKoo Inn is a workplace comedy that centres around a chicken and chips eatery where the employees deal with their new crazy owner and messy personal lives.
Planned release date: 08/03

Arnold & Bundi
Rich and spoilt Arnold is sent to a public university after failing his courses. He’s paired up with Bundi who is the exact opposite, but can they live together?
Planned release date: 12/03

Silver Rain 
Ajoa, a street girl, meets Bruce, a rich heir. Their friendship sets in motion a class war as Ajoa tries to fight for love and Bruce struggles to find himself.
Planned release date: 15/03

Story Yangu S1 
Discover more about influential and notable personalities in Kenya with this in-depth look into their lives.
Planned release date: 15/03 

Worlds Tofauti 
Avril Nyambura & Innocent Njuguna play star-crossed lovers fighting through the expectations in each of their lives. She’s from a slum and will assumedly live & die there; He’s a well to do guy engaged to “daddy’s princess” but every day is repetitive & miserable.
Planned release date: 22/03

This modern fairytale sees a young woman, obsessed with routine, finding an unexpected appreciation for a hair dryer and is forced to completely rethink her life.
Planned release date: 29/03

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