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If crowns, kings and bloody battles get you excited, we think you’ll love this selection of delicious dragon-infused drama on Showmax.

Game of Thrones S1-S7

Seven kingdoms, one Iron Throne, you either win or you die.

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Vikings S1-S4

All is fair in love and war as Ragnar conquers the world to become King.

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Rome S1-S2

Rome on Showmax
Image: HBO

Follow the lives of two common men at the heart of the rise and fall of an empire.

Watch now »

Reign S1-S3

Reign on Showmax
Image: CBS

Girlier version of Game of Thrones, Reign documents the rise to power of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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The Borgias S1-S3

The Borgias on Showmax
Image: Showtime

When an ambitious outsider bribes his way to become Pope, certainly, there must be consequences.

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