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With two engineering offices in the Czech Republic and another hub in Amsterdam, our team of highly talented developers is building a subscription video on demand service unlike any other. Our aim isn’t to copy or replicate other services - it’s to tackle problems nobody else has solved yet.

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Each new market Showmax enters has unique needs. Rather than go for a one-size-fits-all solution, we localise every time. This means we’re constantly developing new solutions, tackling unique challenges, and then applying those learnings back across the business. It’s an incredible environment for developers to test their creativity and skills to the limit.

We think and act like a startup, but with a key difference - Showmax is backed by the muscle of Naspers. Naspers is a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world.

What we do

Ways to pay for ShowMaxThe Showmax back-end is an in-house developed micro-service oriented platform. We love Open Source and many of our developers are active members of the OSS community. We reciprocate through reporting bugs, submitting pull-requests, and open-sourcing our own tools. The list of open source projects we use includes: Debian GNU/Linux, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Varnish,

Our platform isn’t just about APIs. Our primary business revolves around video streaming and to support this, we have our own video encoding pipeline with hundreds of servers on tap. We support multiple streaming protocols as well as DRMs (Digital Rights Management). We’ve also developed a routing layer for our origin storages to be able to scale throughput and storage capacity based on the requirements at any given time.

The majority of our back-end services are written in Ruby, Go or Python. We use EventMachine when writing applications in Ruby (Goliath as application server, executed via EinHorn). MRI as well as JRuby are used as our Ruby VM. Go is typically used where we need large throughput.

And of course a streaming service needs a world-class front-end. We maintain and develop applications for a wide range of devices. Most are served with JavaScript applications, but we also support embedded JavaScript engines. We also have native applications for Android and iOS and AppleTV (tvOS).

Testing is also an integral part of what we do. More information is available on our testing page.
The planning and housekeeping of tasks across Showmax’s multiple offices is done via Phabricator. All our code is in git (we have own installation of GitLab CE).

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If you find any security issues, take a look at our Bug Bounty Project

Five reasons engineers choose to work at Showmax

  • Stability and funding
    Showmax is backed by Naspers, a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world.
  • Control over your own destiny
    We don’t blindly implement what we’re told; instead Showmax’s engineering team is an integral part of the decision making process. What we do has a clear and immediate impact on the final product.
  • Open culture
    We’re not stuck in narrow silos - get involved in other projects, run your own experiments, question what’s going on. No finger-pointing and no secrecy.
  • There’s life outside work
    We’re obsessed with outcomes, not working hours. We agree goals; how you decide to deliver is up to you.
  • No BS
    Showmax has a flat organisation structure with the absolute minimum of bureaucracy. We’re allergic to corporate-think and do our best to be decent humans.

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