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The nominations have just been announced for the 69th Emmy Awards, and we have six world-class shows in the running this year, not to mention a whole host of series that are previous nominees and winners!

This year’s nominees on Showmax


Westworld on Showmax
Image: HBO

This HBO show topped the log for Emmy nominations this year, with a total of 22 nods! Westworld is a very adult theme park where people can live out their wildest fantasies. The hosts who work at the park are all robots and are programmed not to hurt humans. But eventually they start questioning the nature of their reality. You’ll be asking yourself where do you draw the line between life and artificial intelligence when watching this show. Watch now »

The Night Of


Coming to Showmax on Monday, 17 July! When a student is accused of a gruesome murder you might think his fate lies in the hands of his lawyer, not a fellow prisoner. The only thing is he can’t remember a thing about the night in question. This intense mystery thriller that was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards this year will have you fused to your couch. Watch now »

The Young Pope – First and only on Showmax

Nominated for two Emmys: First of all you get to see Jude Law naked, but if that’s not enough of a hook then how about a behind-the-scenes look at the inner-working of the Vatican? The miniseries actually scored an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Production Design, so you know the sets are awesome, plus it also got an Emmy nod for its cinematography, and when you watch it, you’ll agree that it’s beautifully shot. The story is about  Lenny Belardo (Jude Law), the youngest Pope in history but also the first American pontiff. The Church thought he could be controlled. They thought wrong. Watch now »

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Show this year, and winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Programme in 2016, this popular late-night talk show is best known for its viral Carpool Karaoke skits. British actor, singer and comedian James Corden is the brilliant host, and he brings celebrities and musical guests together in an entertaining late-night party. The Late Late Show comes fresh from the US on Showmax with episodes going live just 24 hours after their US debut. Watch now »

Big Little Lies

16 Emmy nominations, including for all four core actresses (Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern), a nomination for Alexander Skarsgard, plus for Outstanding Limited Series.

The well-hidden secrets of a seaside town’s elite are suddenly exposed after a suspicious death in this darkly funny, Emmy-nominated miniseries with an all-star cast. Watch now »

American Crime, S1-2


Two this year, for Outstanding Lead Actress (Felicity Huffman, also in Desperate Housewives) and Outstanding Supporting Actress for Regina King, who’s received this nomination three years in a row.

“The lives of the participants in a trial with significant racial motives are forever changed during the legal process.” – IMDb

Watch now »

Previous winners and nominees on Showmax

Veep, S1-6


The Vice President of the United States is in the house. Get introduced to Veep, S1-3 now on ShowMax:

Winner of 12 Emmys in total from 2012 – 2016.

The hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won multiple Emmys and Golden Globes for her performance in every season of Veep, in which she plays US Vice President Selina Meyer. Selina has a non-existent relationship with the President, and hates being second-in-command – but luckily she’s got her loyal staffers Amy (Anna Chlumsky) and Gary (Emmy-Award winner Tony Hale) to lean on when times get really tough … and when she needs anything done. Selina feels she should get way more power and recognition than she does as Veep – until Season 3, when she suddenly finds herself playing in the big leagues. Watch now »

Shameless, S1-6

Winner of two Emmys in total, and nominated every year since 2011.

Frank Gallagher (William H Macy) is an alcoholic, working-class father of six who is more likely to be found passed out at the local bar than looking after his kids. That job falls to his eldest daughter, Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who is unofficial mom in a chaotic and crazy household. Paying bills is a daily hustle for this cash-strapped bunch, and everyone does what they can to make ends meet – and it’s not all above board. A dark, crude comedy that is, as the title suggests, utterly shameless. Watch now »

Girls, S1-5

Winner of two Emmys and Emmy favourite since 2012.

Girls has changed the portrayal of women on television, one hopes, forever. Created by the maverick Lena Dunham, who plays the lead role of Hannah Horvath, she is by turns self-destructive, spoiled, selfish, tactless, vulnerable, and petty, but you will find yourself rooting for her in her quest to support herself as a writer after her parents cut her off. Hannah and her equally flawed but relatable friends Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna live in Brooklyn, New York and are trying to live their best lives, but reality keep getting in their way. Expect nudity – and not necessarily the sexy kind. Watch now »

Silicon Valley, S1-4

Silicon Valley S4 on Showmax
Image: HBO

Two-time Emmy winner, and 22-time Emmy nominee.

Meet six young men who founded a startup company in Silicon Valley. In today’s high-tech gold rush, these geeks are the most qualified to strike success. Watch now »

Ray Donovan, S1-4


Regular Emmy nominee and Hank Azaria took the Emmy last year for his guest appearance.

Ray Donovan is a professional fixer. Whenever a superstar, politician or high-profile businessman is faced with a problem, they turn to Ray to make it disappear, using whatever measures he deems necessary. Ray is enjoying the success of his shady career when his father is sprung from prison unexpectedly and lands up on Ray’s doorstep. His presence draws the attentions of the FBI, who try to bring Ray and his associates down. The all-star cast includes Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan, Oscar-winner Jon Voight as his father Mickey, and a cameo by Katie Holmes in Season 3. Watch now »

Fargo, S1-3


Winner of five Emmys to date, and too many nominations to count.

This dark comedy is based on the Cohen Brothers film of the same name. It’s full of suspense, is brilliantly written and will keep you hooked as the intricate plots unfolds. Seasons 1 and 2 are both on Showmax. Watch now »

Mr Robot, S1-3

Remi Malek took the Emmy last year as Outstanding Lead Actor, and the show also won the Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition.

Changing the world is a dangerous business for these idealistic hackers. An award-winning and highly original cyber thriller starring Rami Malek. Watch now »

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