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Jason Ritter has big shoes to fill (his dad was the late and iconic comedy star John Ritter of Three’s Company fame) and he’s doing pretty well with his dramedy series Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (2017-current; Season 1 can be streamed on Showmax). The 16-episode first season picks up with down-in-the-dumps Kevin (Jason) surviving a suicide attempt and now trying to rebuild his world living with his sister Amy (JoAnna Garcia). But God seems to have another plan for Kev – he’s going to save the world. At least that’s what his guardian angel messenger Yvette (Kimberly Hebert Gregory) tells him. “He’s trying to clean up the messes he’s making and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, so he has a little crisis as well. But, he’s giving it his best!” explains Jason in an interview with

And having an angel guiding Kevin through his new ”job” is interesting for Jason, who adds that “It’s really a dream job for me. Some of my favourite stuff is some of the vision magic happening [with Yvette]. Kevin and Yvette are trying to navigate this new problem which is that they seemed to not be impervious to human problems. They’re trying to keep it a secret but meanwhile, it’s getting worse so they’re sort of trying to figure out what to do.”

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What they need to do is focus on saving the world from the trouble that is arising around them. But first, Kevin needs to convince those around him that he’s not going crazy – his conversations with Yvette make him look like he’s hallucinating and talking to himself because, well, no one else can see his guardian angel. “Kevin is just trying to do what the universe is telling him to do and be a better person. That’s his goal – to be a better man now that he’s got a second chance.”

Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes and the wilder, crazier, more unusual, the better. Showmax will always take care of your streaming needs – and we’ve got a cloud of our own… it’s just online.

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