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Need some inspiration? Join Dawn Faith as she has faith-filled conversations with South African women including actress and model Zoe Mthiyane, author Criselde Dudmashe, actress Katlego Danke and singer Brenda Mtambo in Deep & Meaningful.

Deep & Meaningful with Dawn Faith

After the premature birth and death of her first child in 2013, Dawn was struck by the realisation that so many women go through similar experiences, yet nobody is willing to talk about them. Through Deep & Meaningful, Dawn is shining a light on some of the most difficult human experiences by sharing conversations about love, life and loss.

Don’t expect conventional interviews in this series, the conversation isn’t scripted and flows naturally as Dawn and her guests chat openly about the conversations women wish they were having with their girlfriends. From learning to accept the mistakes we make as parents, to the importance of understanding your identify and self-worth, gender equality and the role of faith in your life, these strong women bravely share their stories.

There are 13 episodes available to watch right now for an inspiration boost. Go to to watch Deep & Meaningful with Dawn Faith today.

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Need more faith-based inspiration?

These South African movies will give you the boost you need, no matter where you are in your journey of faith.

1. Sewentig Maal Sewe

Sewentig Maal Sewe on Showmax

Somehow, when everyone has given up on him, a man finds support from an unlikely source. But can he forgive himself? This stirring drama is about love, loss and forgiveness. Watch now »

2. Rowwe Diamante

Rowwe Diamante on Showmax

Being a teenager isn’t easy. But as the teens in this warm family drama movie discover, a little help from friends and God can go a long way. Watch now »

3. Reload

Reload on Showmax

Rejected by his father and looking for salvation in drugs and alcohol, Francois was on the path to ruin. But then God showed him the way in this riveting true story. Watch now »

4. Forsaken

Forsaken on Showmax

Sometimes life tests our faith, such as when a child becomes gravely ill. But this is not the time to lose our belief. It’s the time to stand up for it. Watch now »

5. Suiderkruis

Suiderkruis on Showmax

When her cancer returns, Lana decides to take one more trip with her friends. It will change them all in this beautiful movie about really reaching for your potential. Watch now »

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