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Showmax is turning up the steam factor with Season 3 of drama thriller The Affair, giving Dominic West’s character Noah Solloway even more love-life drama to deal with. But this time, it’s not just about murder and cheating in small towns.

“This isn’t a fairytale romance in any way,” explains showrunner Saram Treem. “The show is a love story at its core. Yes, that’s a deep way down and past twists and turns, but it’s still a love story.”

And when it comes to the 10 episodes of Season 3, she isn’t joking about finding love deep down.

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Season 3 takes place three years after Seasons 1 and 2, where Noah tore his family and marriage apart with his obsession with married waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson). “There was always the danger that The Affair would be a morality tale,” explains Dominic. “Season 3 deals a lot with the idea of redemption.” Ruth adds that “everyone is dealing with the consequences of the trauma they put each other through”.

Will Noah find absolution and redemption for his sins?

“Maybe,” teases Dominic. “He has done his jail term for killing Scotty (Colin Donnell) and he is a professor at a college. But his every action is haunted by his sins and time in prison.”

Alison has also had a rough time – she was sent away from her family “to recover”, but her ex Cole (Joshua Jackson) has remarried and his new wife wants Alison to stay away from Alison’s own daughter. “It’s upsetting and scary and she has probably had it the roughest emotionally,” explains Ruth.

And don’t think for a second that Noah and Alison have forgotten each other during their separation. Because Noah is just as obsessed with her as before, if not more so.

“They are so connected that it’s scary, still,” explains Ruth. “There is absolutely no black and white with them. It’s all grey and in-between. One character is not one thing. Each character is four truths, especially in this season, and maybe there is a truth in there.”

Now if only Noah wasn’t being so terribly, shockingly tempted by more carnal pleasures at work, perhaps he could get his life back on track. Or could he? Watch now »

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