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From graphic novels to a brand-new movie, the legend of anti-apartheid singer Brenda Fassie lives on. (The intimate documentary Brenda Fassie: Not A Bad Girl is available to stream or download on Showmax.)

Twitter went wild today when news broke that a film about Brenda Fassie’s life is in the works – and there will be an open casting call in South Africa. Twitter is divided on who should represent Ma Brrr, with Brenda Ngxoli currently a fan favourite.

Tomi Rikhotso on Twitter

Winnie Khumalo’s Vocals and Brenda Ngxoli’s acting would be a great combination for Brenda Fassie’s movie

Dakalo on Twitter

Brenda Fassie Pick one from these 3 😍😍😍😍😍

Kaapstad Naaier on Twitter

This is not even a debate, Brenda Ngxoli should play Brenda Fassie.

Bongani Fassie said about the film, “My mother Brenda has been surrounded by controversy in her life and even after her death. It is with great excitement that we have partnered with Showbizbee Film Productions to make the Brenda Fassie movie. I’m particularly eager to participate in the production (as co-executive producer) so that the real story of my mom comes alive to the people of South Africa and the world.”

Last year, Brenda Fassie was celebrated in a graphic novel called Femme Magnifique. Ma Brrr’s impact on the South African music scene, her refusal to hide her lesbian identity and the role her music played in the lives of black people living under the cruelty of apartheid are  documented by writer Lauren Beukes and artist Nanna Venter.
Brenda’s triumphs (fame and fortune and a visit from Madiba) and tribulations (drug addiction and the tragic death of her lover), her streetsmarts, her controversies, the banning of her work, and her provocative style are rendered beautifully and powerfully, as this preview on shows:ows:

While you’re waiting for the movie, you can watch the 1997 documentary Brenda Fassie: Not A Bad Girl on Showmax. Filmed at the height of her popularity, and at a time when the “New South Africa” had only just started taking shape, the documentary gives rare and valuable insight into the intimate details of her life both on and off the stage in her own words.

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