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Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda first sauntered onto the world’s screens exactly 20 years ago today. Relive all your favourite moments by bingeing on the boxset of Sex and the City, available to stream or download on Showmax.

Sex and the City on Showmax
Image: HBO

Our favourite Sex and the City quotes

Lessons we learned from the fabulous foursome of Sex and the City

Sex and the City on Showmax
From left: Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha. Image: HBO

It’s okay to be the cynic in your friendship clichés. Be fiercely independent, but be open to the idea that you too can have a Steve.


Love isn’t always romantic, and that’s okay. A bestie can be a soulmate too. Take chances, get your heart broken, fall in love.


It’s okay to love shoes more than you love people – and shopping is totally allowed to be your version of exercise. Raise a Cosmo and enjoy the little things that make you happy!


While your other friends are all looking for Mr Right, it’s okay to avoid the romance and have fun with Mr Ready Right Now. Be brave and remember to treat yourself…

Happy Sex and the City day to fans everywhere! To celebrate, stream your favourite episodes now on Showmax.

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