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The internet is a dark and evil place, filled with criminals on every website waiting to take you for a fool. Thankfully two-season action show CSI: Cyber is now on Showmax, giving you tips and tricks to make sure that you’re protected. Watch now »

“I have been training in gym for years and I was ready for the action, the shooting and the stunts,” says lead star James van der Beek (FBI field agent Elijah Mundo). “But I had no idea about this crime on the dark web [coded sections of the internet used to commit most cyber fraud and crime]. It was an eye-opener!”

“And that is the whole point of online crime,” adds Patricia Arquette (behavioural psycho-analyst Avery Ryan, who runs the CSI: Cyber team). “It’s an imperfect science and what drew me to this show is that we’re on the dawn of a new time. I’m not a technical person. I’m actually terrified by technology. And that pulled me here, because I need to learn more. And I think the writing helps draw in people like me, who’re usually nervous around buttons and knobs and touchscreens.”

Besides teaching viewers about cyber crime as a whole, the episode titles are also cyber terms that relate to the storyline in that particular episode. Here are a few of our favourites:

CMND:\Crash (season 1 episode 2)

Technical talk: “Command crash” is when software crashes and stops working.

For the CSIs: They investigate a high-tech rollercoaster that has turned into a death trap on wheels when someone hacks the coding and turns off the safety switches.

Selfie 2.0 (season 1 episode 8)

Technical talk: We all know what a selfie is – right? (Quick – a selfie is when you take a photo of yourself using your phone’s camera and post the snap to your social media accounts – and they’re more popular if a celeb is in shot with you.) And 2.0 is shorthand for a more advanced or better version of a product or service, in this case, about selfies taken to the next level.

For the CSIs: The team hunt for abducted women who’re mysteriously updating their social media pages despite having been snatched off the streets, from their homes and offices.

404: Flight Not Found (season 2 episode 11)

Technical talk: “404” (pronounced “four-oh-four”) is an automated error response when the website you’re looking for doesn’t exist or can’t be found on the server because a link to that site is broken or missing.

For the CSIs: It’s a little more serious than a webpage that can’t be found – they’ve got to search for missing commercial planes. But there’s an even bigger problem: the hackers have planted code that makes planes magically appear 50 times on the Air Traffic Control Towers’ radar screens. How will they ever know which plane is real and which is a cyber fake?

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