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These 20 films from this year’s Silwerskerm film festival are now available on Showmax. They showcase the very best in Afrikaans entertainment, and because they’re short and sweet, you can cram a whole lot of them into your next binge session.

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This year offers another scorching line-up, and the best short films are now on Showmax. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to:

1. Soos Gister

Susan wakes up one morning and realises she made the biggest mistake of her life. Her world is collapsing and it’s all her fault. She and her girlfriend Christelle plan to make things right. They persuaded Ludowickus, a man with the ability to time travel, to take them back to the evening when everything went wrong. But changing the past is not that simple.

2. Die Onderspit

When Uncle Bob dies on his way to his pawn shop in Parow, his son-in-law Basie thinks he’s finally hit the jackpot. While his wife Moira mourns, Basie is planning to run away with the inheritance with his lover, Girlie.

They want to start a new life in Namibia. But stupidity, drug addiction and greed derail their plans, and it looks like they’ll never win.

3. Vossie Bergas Homself

Vossie is depressed. Life has not been kind to him. So he decides to park his car in a deserted field and put an end to his life. While getting ready to “pull the trigger”, he hears a knock on his window. There he sees the eccentric Antie, who has her own plans for Vossie.

4. Die Maan Val Bewusteloos

Mia wants to know where she is from. Her grandparents raised her on fairytales, and this is all she knows. But when she grows up she starts to question, and has to comfort herself with the love they give her as opposed to answers. But when tragedy strikes, new bonds need to be made to move forward.

5. Ek Het Jou Gemaak

Engineer Jacobs loved his wife so much that after her death he made a life-sized robot to fill the void she left. He named the robot Andries. Together they discuss life, love and death. And as Jacob’s sanity spirals out of control, Andries becomes increasingly more “human”.

6. Slaaf

Love is the greatest addiction. For Gregory, it was no different. To escape his disillusionment, he started looking for a new start in Cape Town. What started as an escape became his new obsession. And his second great love, heroin, began to take over.

7. Soldaat

One day during the school holiday, two young boys see a conversation between a police officer and a notorious drug dealer. They immediately become entangled in his web. From that moment on, they become his soldiers. Their first assignment: collect a drug package.

In the same neighbourhood, it’s the first day on the streets for a rookie policeman who has his own agenda. As the day progresses, these two stories collide and changes the lives of all involved.

8. Die Man Met Die Snor

Guns, action, adventure! Kurt Stahlwolf, the hero of a popular TV series from the 1980s, is everything Francois wants to be. Every year, against his wife’s wishes, he dresses up as Stahlwolf at his annual office party, but no one ever recognises him.

But this time it’s different. He’s written an “award-winning” script to become his hero, and has recruited a motley team of actors, producers and directors to make his dream come true. What could go wrong?

9. Vrekfontein

For thirty years Valk Volschenk has been the tennis champion of Vrekfontein. Well, technically speaking, he is also the only tennis player in Vrekfontein since the controversial 1984 final against his nemesis, Kroepjan Brand.

Enter Adriaan Winterbach, an ambitious filmmaker who’s come to poke the corpse of this once proud tennis club. He soon discovers that deep-seated issues of betrayal, jealousy and childish competitiveness run rampant.

10. Skoon

Louis, a young dental hygienist, suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He cleans way more than he should. His method is always the same, in steps of three. But perhaps a carefree spirit in the form of Anchen can cause enough of a stir in his routine to change the course of his dangerous anxiety.

11. Venster

A six-year-old’s mother struggles to retain perspective after forbidding her father from seeing her. And the situation could send little Lia spiraling out of control.

12. Voor Ek Val

A woman makes a last desperate attempt to win back her lover, but he rejects her. Emotionally unstable, she threatens to destroy his life and revenge becomes her new love.

13. 36DDD

Murcia just needs snacks and series to be happy. Trapped in her Ouma’s knitted cocoon, she morphs into a whole new person when two skollies enter her house. 

14. Ek en Myselfie

They don’t understand why they are attracting the wrong men. But Anja and Charmoné know one thing, a sexy selfie could change everything about their love lives.

15. Wisseltrofee

Anton turns 16 and wants to follow in his pa’s footsteps as a hunter. Except things go horribly wrong as the tables are turned and the hunters become the hunted.  

16. Die Kuur

A man suffers a huge loss and loses the will to live. In searching for purpose his dreams and reality become intertwined, but can he save himself?

17. Skerm

He became immortal in a virtual world. Alone he ruled his online domain. But what seems to be the perfect world is anything but, and things can easily come crashing down.

18. Vlugtig

Simon want’s to break into show business. He lands a role in a play as is his big break, but can he adapt to the part and what inspiration can he draw from his fellow actors?

19. Langsaan

She lives in her own imaginary world while her parents work for a better future. A quiet dream lives deep inside her, but this fragile world can dash dreams in an instant.

20. Luister

A pianist lives a lonely life of endless practice. During her midnight rehearsal she meets another musician who lets her break out of her silence with chattering chords.

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