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At the beginning of June, the HBO Facebook page posed this challenge to die-hard Game of Thrones fans: #PrepareforWinter by binge-watching all the episodes in Seasons 1 to 6 of Game of Thrones before the highly anticipated premiere of Season 7. And as Showmax is the only place where you can watch all six seasons, we say, game on!


6 Weeks. 6 Seasons. Prepare For Winter starting this Monday by catching up on a season per week before Game of Thrones returns for Season 7.

Seems impossible, especially since we’re already mid-way through June already, right? But we all know that, as a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, you are made of sterner stuff.

The numbers

There are two ways to tackle this, and they all involve Showmax (did we mention that it’s the only place you can watch all six seasons of Game of Thrones back to back)?

Option 1: Slow and steady

That’s easy – two episodes per day, every day, between now and 17 July, when episode 1 of Season 7 airs on DStv. That’s only two hours per day, which you probably already spend streaming internet TV in any case. It does mean you’ll have to put your Class, Vikings and Kingdom addictions on hold for now. But as every citizen of Westeros will tell you, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

And the beauty of internet TV is that all your favourite shows will be waiting for you when you’re ready to pick up again, and you won’t have missed a thing.

Option 2: The weekend cram plan

This requires a little more commitment. Who needs sleep, anyway?

  • Start on the public holiday (Friday, 16 June). Cram in 10 episodes.
  • On Saturday, 17 June, do another 10 (it’s only 10 hours, after all – leaving you with 14 hours free every day! That’s loads!).
  • Sunday is Father’s Day, and you probably have family commitments, so scale it back to 8 episodes that day.
  • By then you’ll have conquered 28 episodes, hovering near the end of Season 3.
  • That will leave you with 32 episodes to plow through, with four weekends until 17 July.
  • The rest will be easy game for one of your experience and with your expertise – just four episodes every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Or you can dedicate Saturdays or Sundays to Game of Thrones, and cram in 8 episodes on that day back to back.
  • Either way, by Sunday, 16 July, you’ll have triumphed, having conquered the ultimate Game of Thrones binge-watch challenge, cramming in 60 episodes in 30 days.

And you’ll be ready for whatever Season 7 has to throw at you.

Binge on all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones, only on Showmax.

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