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So, you’re a DStv Compact or Compact Plus customer and you’ve heard that you get full, unlimited access to all the movies, series, kids’ shows and documentaries on Showmax for the reduced price of R49 per month.

All you have to do is add Showmax to your DStv subscription. This article will explain exactly how to do so, or you can check out the video below.

(And if you’re a DStv Premium subscriber, don’t forget that you get Showmax at zero extra cost, included in your subscription price.)

But if you’ve got another question, especially about how payment for Showmax will work with your Compact or Compact Plus subscription, you’re in the right place. Check out the FAQs below to find the answer to your payment query.

  1. Can I get this Showmax offer if my subscription is part of a Price Lock deal?
    Yes, as long as you meet all the qualifying requirements.
  2. Can I get this R49 offer if I pay via Premium24, get my subscription on the employee discounts, or pay annually?
    Absolutely! Simply follow the steps required to get this offer. Find the steps here.
  3. Do I need to be paying for DStv via debit order in order to get Showmax at R49?
    No. This special price is available to all DStv Compact Plus and DStv Compact customers. You just need to sign up to Showmax and add it to your DStv account.
  4. Is Showmax automatically available to me on my internet connected DStv Explora?
    No. You need to be a Showmax subscriber to use Showmax on your DStv Explora. Access to Showmax on the DStv Explora also requires a DStv subscription and payment of the monthly Access Fee (R85).
  5. What happens to my Showmax subscription if I cancel my DStv subscription?
    You can cancel your DStv subscription directly with DStv. Payment for Showmax will then need to be made directly to them (you have the option of paying for Showmax using vouchers, credit card or Paypal). Your monthly Showmax cost will then revert to the prevailing monthly price (R99 per month).
  6. Can I use Showmax if my DStv subscription hasn’t been paid?
    Yes, you can still access Showmax on all registered devices (other than your DStv Explora) as long as your Showmax subscription has been paid. Your monthly Showmax subscription will also revert to the prevailing monthly price (R99 per month).
  7. Can I suspend/cancel Showmax subscription mid billing cycle and be billed pro-rata?
    You can cancel your Showmax subscription at any time, but will have to wait until your next payment date for the cancellation to come into effect.
  8. What happens if there is a Showmax increase before March 2019?
    The special offers for DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Compact customers are valid until 31 March 2019. If you are on DStv Family, DStv Access or DStv EasyView and have added Showmax to your DStv account, you will switch to the new monthly fee for Showmax.
  9. I am unable to add Showmax to my DStv account. It shows the error “Please make sure that you are a debit order customer, and(or) you have an active package and then try again”. Help!
    You will only be required to pay by debit order when:
  • Your active DStv package is DStv Family, DStv Access or DStv EasyView.
  • Adding more Showmax subscriptions to your account than you have qualifying DStv subscriptions (ie. if you only have one active DStv Compact subscription on your account and want to add a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Showmax subscription, debit order is required for the additional Showmax subscriptions).
  • When adding additional Showmax subscriptions to your account, you can do this by logging onto My DStv on and selecting Showmax from the Self Service menu. Then follow the steps to add additional Showmax subscriptions.

Visit for more info, including T&Cs. Pricing specials valid until 31 March 2019.

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