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Not every show you watch on Showmax has to be part of a 12-hour binge-watch session. Whether your date is running late, you woke up earlier than usual or you’re on a lunch break, there’s a better way to spend that open space in your schedule than mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds.

Each episode in these series, which range from funny sitcoms to horror, has a running time of 30 minutes or less. Here are our top picks to stream when you have half an hour to kill.

1. Younger, S1-S5 | First on Showmax

The rom-com about acting someone else’s age features a stellar cast, drool-worthy fashion and an unpredictable plot. And it’s taking TV fans around the world by storm. But, be warned, you’ll have to fight the urge to keep watching after a single episode. Watch now »

2. HBO’s Camping | First on Showmax

Jennifer Garner leads a stellar cast in this HBO original about an obsessively organised woman who arranges a birthday camping trip where she tries to aggressively control everything. But the others have different plans… Watch now »

3. You’ve Been T@gged, S1-S2

Quick watches aren’t limited to comedies. In this psychological thriller, three teenage girls have their online profiles tagged in a violent video. To stay alive, they need to find the creep behind the video and uncover his motives. Watch now »

4. Freakish, S1-2

The 20-odd minutes of each episode of this exciting thriller might be all your heart can handle in one sitting. A group of youngsters are trapped at their high school after a chemical explosion. To make things worse, they become the easy target of nightmarish creatures. Watch now »

5. Nobodies, S1-S2

Image: Endemol

Watch as a group of showbiz hopefuls who are nobodies in Hollywood give their all to produce a show that will transform them into somebodies, just like their famous friend. It’s fun and jam-packed with cameos from A-listers. Watch now »

6. Tali’s Wedding Diary | Showmax Original

Julia Anastasopoulos, better known as Suzelle from her hit web SuzelleDIY, takes on a new persona, that of a Joburg princess who’s recently relocated to Cape Town and is making a documentary about her wedding planning. Watch now »

7. Animals, S1-S2 | First on Showmax

Image: HBO

Don’t be fooled by the animation, this one is for grown-ups and a great way to spend just under 30-minutes of your time. As Vulture explains, each episode “comprises little skits starring anthropomorphic animals, like pigeons, rats and dogs. The bits are sometimes stand-alone, but more often than not, they comprise running stories throughout a given episode … any given instalment works on its own”. Watch now »

8. Point of Order, S1-S3

For a quick fix of local comedy, stream an episode of the light-hearted show that pokes fun at South African Parliament. Featuring celebs such as Tim Noakes, Roger Goode, Khanyi Mbau, DJ Fresh, Zapiro and more, each episode sees comedians taking the law into their own hands. Watch now »

9. Room 104, S1-2 | First on Showmax

If you’re looking to get the full story, from beginning to end, in just 30 minutes, this should be your top pick. Room 104 follows an anthology structure, each episode introduces new characters and a different genre, concluding their story by the end. The only thing each instalment has in common is that they’re all set in room 104 of a US hotel. Watch now »

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