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Show me your war face! Aaaaargh! Get your battle bunker ready because your mission is about to begin. Search, destroy and binge-watch anything that moves captain, that’s an order! Here are your targets.

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1. Band of Brothers

Image: HBO

In this epic war miniseries, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, a group of ordinary young American men have to cope with the horrors of World War II. Watch it now »

2. The Pacific

The Pacific on Showmax
Image: HBO

Winner of eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Miniseries, this 10-episode epic tells the story of US Marines serving in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. Watch it now »

3. Vikings S1-4

Image: ABC

Inspired by myths of the Norse hero Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, remembered for his triumphant rampages through England around 700 AD. Watch it now »

4. Game of Thrones S1-7 (All episodes)

Game of Thrones on Showmax
Image: HBO

The dragons are rising, the White Walkers are at the Wall and the great houses are getting ready as the battle for the Iron Throne heads towards its dramatic finale. Watch it now »

5. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Eight American soldiers are sent behind enemy lines during WWII to bring one of their own back home. This Oscar-winner is a modern classic, with violently realistic battle scenes. Watch it now »

6. Fury

Image: Times Media

Outgunned and outnumbered in World War 2, a lone Allied tank is behind enemy lines and must complete a crucial mission in this epic action adventure starring Brad Pitt. Watch it now »

7. Shooter

Image: Paramount

Once a war hero, a top sniper goes into retirement, only to be brought back and framed for assassination! But his enemies have chosen a dangerous man… Watch it now »

8. Strike Back, S1-4

Strike Back on showmax
Image: HBO

Based on the novel by real-life former SAS soldier Chris Ryan, this British spy adventure follows the military operatives in Section 20, a covert branch of the Defense Intelligence service. Watch it now »

9. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

Image: Paramount

Based on the popular animated series, comic books and toy line, this film sees the GI Joe characters finally coming to life! Duke and Ripcord are two soldiers who join an elite squad after warheads containing a deadly new weapon are stolen. Watch it now »

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