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The Fosters does not start slow. In the opening scene, you see Callie being released from a juvenile centre, but the other kids don’t take very kindly to that.

Callie is then placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple taking care of three other children, two of them adopted and one biological son. This complex family unit is what drives the series, and beautifully shows that unconventional does not mean unhappy.

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7 reasons to watch The Fosters on Showmax

1. The ratings

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC
  • 97% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • 7.9/10 on IMDb
  • 8.2 User Score on Metacritic

2. The empathy

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC

It’s not easy for foster kids growing up. They often bounce from one home to another, and you never know what kind of environment you might be placed in. The Fosters taps into the precariousness of these kids’ situations in a very real, heartfelt way.

3. It portrays a modern blended family

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC

A modern family does not mean the standard mom and dad combo plus the average of 2.4 children. Families are complex, same-sex marriage is not taboo, and adopting kids from diverse backgrounds may be challenging, but not for the reasons you might think. This show does brilliantly in squashing the archaic idea of what a happy family looks like.

4. It’s about forbidden love

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC

We don’t want to give anything away, but forbidden love stories are always good!

5. It’s inclusive

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC

This series deals with important issues of gay rights, same-sex marriage, biracial relationships, feminism and foster care. It’s refreshing to see a series tackling these sensitive issues head on.

6. It’s hilarious

The Fosters on Showmax. Image: ABC

Seriously. While the show deals with topical and often delicate issues, there’s a lot of humour to it. And the witty banter between the family members is sharply written.

7. You can watch it for FREE

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