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We love short form, snackable content that you can watch almost anywhere. On the bus, in the queue at SARS, at work (we won’t tell). The short film holds a special kind of appeal – you go on a complete emotional journey that’s as satisfying as you’d get from a full-length feature film, all in the space of time it would take to watch a single episode of a series.

Showmax celebrates the skill, talent and gruelling work that go into short films by bringing you seven brilliant examples of the form, all exploring issues and situations that are unique to our homeland. Here are seven brilliant South African short films you should be watching.

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1. The Initiate

the initiate on showmax

Rethabile finds out just before her Sotho coming-of-age ceremony that she is pregnant, and she has to do whatever she can to keep the secret from her controlling father. Watch now »

2. The Fall of Ganesh

fall of ganesh on showmax

A young Indian woman wants to host a Diwali dinner to celebrate her engagement – but her family doesn’t approve. This leads to violent conflict, and the sparks fly… Watch now »

3. A Cup of Sugar

cup of sugar on showmax 2

This short film is about Dipuo, new to the community, and her visit from her neighbour Martha, a divorced former housewife, who needs to borrow a cup of sugar. Watch now »

4. The Virgin Vegan 

virgin vegan on showmax 2

Thato returns from studies overseas with a new eating lifestyle: she’s a vegan! But her friends and family in Polokwane don’t quite understand, in this hilarious short comedy film. Watch now »

5. Moseto 

moseto on showmax

Years after her mother was killed as a witch, Fhulufhelo returns as an unknown woman to plot her revenge against the killers in this edge-of-your seat thriller. Watch now »

6. Unomalanga and the Witch

unomalanga and the witch on showmax

A friendship between a woman new in town and a woman scorned as a witch turns into something much deeper as they grow closer in this riveting drama. Watch now »

7. The Groom’s Price

grooms price on showmax

Meme wants her boyfriend of nine years to propose! But he can’t afford the lobola yet, so she turns the tables and decides to pay a Groom’s Price for him! Watch now »

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