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With only seven or so sleeps to go until school holidays, we’re sure you’re wondering which crazy-cool new kids’ shows have been added to the Showmax line-up recently. Well, you’ve got all these to look forward to … and more!

1. New series: Spongebob Squarepants, Season 8

SpongeBob and his fellow Bikini Bottom residents are still up to no good, competing in a sled worm race and building a miniature golf course in SpongeBob’s pineapple house. Watch now »

2. New series: Humf, Season 1

Join Humf, a purple hairy thing, Wallace, a green hairy thing, and Loon, a pink feathery thing, as they learn about the world, from painting to picking up litter. Watch now »

3. New series: Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Season 1

Holly the fairy and Ben the elf are best friends in the magical Little Kingdom, ruled by Holly’s kind parents King and Queen Thistle, where there’s adventure under every tree and magic around every corner. Watch now »

4. New movie: The Magic Hockey Skates

Joey believes that a pair of Rocky Rockets skates will make him a better skater. But when his dad buys him a second-hand pair instead, Joey discovers something wonderful … Watch now »

5. New movie: Lost and Found

When a penguin appears on his doorstep, a boy decides to take him home to the North Pole – but what does the penguin want? A touching, gorgeous animation based on the bestselling Oliver Jeffers book. Watch now »

6. Editor’s Choice movie: Ella Enchanted

As a child, Ella was enchanted by her fairy godmother to do everything she was told. But this becomes a problem and she sets out to have the curse removed. Watch now »

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