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Launched in 2013 by M-Net’s subsidiary channel Africa Magic, Africa Magic Original Films (AMOF) has helped promote African filmmakers while also enhancing growth of the continent’s massive yet under-marketed film industry – not only for Nigeria, who were the pioneers, but for countries like Tanzania and Kenya.

It opened new doors for ambitious filmmakers looking to tell their unique “African story”. From themes like revenge and romance to betrayal to social justice, Kenya’s Riverwood witnessed massive production never seen before, with filmmakers like Appie Matere producing up to 71 AMOF films in just six months! What a time to be alive!

In the spirit of #PlayKenyanMusic, how about you head over to Showmax (it will only cost you Ksh 250 for three months to stream hundreds of TV shows and movies) and binge-watch all these Africa Magic Original Films from Kenya.

1. Patient Zero

Patient Zero on Showmax

Mugambi Nthiga (New Beginnings) is Patient Zero, a new patient at a psychiatric facility battling homicidal thoughts. His psychiatrist decides to take advantage of his condition by manipulating him to kill his wife, played by Ruth Maingi (Lies that Bind, Mama Duka). Watch now »

2. Die Husband Die

Die Husband Die on Showmax

Starring songstress Wendy Kimani alongside Lenana Kariba (How to Find a Husband), and directed by Gilbert Lukalia, Die Husband Die tells the story of a woman caught in a loveless marriage who hatches a plan to kill her much older husband, who uses his powerful influence to limit her freedom. Watch now »

3. The Hand That Feeds You

The Hand That Feeds You on Showmax

Robert Agengo (Sue na Jonnie) stars as Simon, a man looking for redemption and trying to rebuild his life after being released from prison. His life gets more complicated when he’s called upon to help bring to justice his former criminal syndicate. Watch now »

4. The Crazies

The Crazies on Showmax

Award-winning filmmaker Likarion Wainaina (Supa Modo, coming soon to Showmax) brings to life this romantic comedy about the crazy things that happen during the planning process of a modern African wedding. Watch now »

5. Love or Die

Love or Die on Showmax

Written by Serah Mwihaki (Kidnapped) and directed by Alex Konstantaras (House of Lungula, Fundimentals), Love or Die tells the story of Brian (Ian Mbugua) who hires a contract killer (Sarah Hassan, How to Find a Husband) to help him kill himself. But while nursing his injuries in a hospital, he falls in love with a nurse called Rose (Lizz Njagah, How to Find a Husband). Finding a new will to live, he tries to stop the contract killer who is determined to finish the job. Watch now »

6. Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone on Showmax

A young woman wakes up in a hospital only to be told by her doctor that she suffered a trauma after a Caesarean procedure. Only there is no baby to show for it, and she doesn’t remember ever being pregnant, let alone giving birth. Everyone is asking questions she can’t answer, even the police who demand to know what she did to her baby. With the help of a rookie journalist she searches for answers, uncovering a larger conspiracy in the process. Directed by Nigerian filmmaker Taye Balogun (Music is Our Weapon), Gone Baby Gone stars Neville Misati (Nightrunners, How to Find a Husband), Bilal Wanjau (Jela 5-Star) and Hellena Waithera (House of Lungula). Watch now »

7. Project Revenge

Project Revenge on Showmax

Brian Ogola (Jane and Abel, 48 Hours) is a successful news anchor whose womanising ways lead to string of affairs and an unfortunate wild night at a party that could end his career and marriage, especially since it was all caught on tape. And so, the blackmail begins. Also starring Maryanne Nungo (Rush, Supa Modo) and Kone Nouhoum (New Beginnings, Selina). Watch now »

More AMOF movies to watch on Showmax

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