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When it comes to the big chop, pretty much every celebrity has gone through this phase, from Taraji P. Henson’s recent summer cut to Charlize Theron’s legendary short hair that turned heads at the 2013 Academy Awards.

That’s not to say it’s an easy decision, especially for us common folks who don’t have the luxury of being labeled as ‘trendsetters’ for something as trivial as a haircut. Talking of trends, I’ll casually just mention that Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) got engaged to boyfriend Joe Jonas recently, not long after her onscreen brother/cousin Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) announced his engagement to girlfriend Rose Leslie (who plays Kit’s on-screen Wildling lover Ygritte).

Moving on swiftly … when going for the big chop, it is important to look for motivation in all the right places. Look no further – now you can carry Showmax with you to the salon to make the transition easier. Because no one does short hair like the actresses on these shows, but we can at least try.

1. The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory on Showmax
Image credit: CBS

Penny coming back in The Big Bang Theory Season 8 with a pixie haircut was a shocker for fans on Twitter and for Sheldon who panicked the moment he saw her: “You hair is different. You changed your hair. I can’t take this. I’m out.” But what has Sheldon Cooper ever liked? Personally, I think Penny rocked that hair and you would too. So go forth, be inspired and cut it.

2. Insecure

Insecure on Showmax
Image credit: HBO

I may have mentioned Insecure’s Issa Rae in an earlier post about the women who will inspire your next hairstyle and since we are talking about the big chop, what better muse than Issa? Furthermore, she wears her short hair in refreshing styles you wouldn’t mind stealing.

3. The Wild

The Wild on Showmax
Image credit: M-Net

Connie Ferguson’s short hair in The Wild received praise from fans, who said that it made her look younger and radiant. Who am I to disagree with unanimous opinion? The Wild revolves around three conflicting families bound together by an expansive, beautiful piece of land. Here, Connie also teams up with her husband Shona Ferguson, and they also star together in Rockville.

4. Zabalaza

Zabalaza on Showmax
Image credit: Mzanzi Magic

In Zabalaza – set in Dube, Soweto – you will meet Angela Sithole, who plays Terry, and other than her beauty, her short hair will dazzle you. Zabalaza, which is Angela’s first major role, tells the story of a family that is so perfect on the outside, but proves that we should never judge a book by its cover.

5. Girls

Girls on Showmax
Image credit: HBO

In the Season 2 finale of Girls, the main character Hannah (Lena Dunham) draws inspiration from a magazine and cuts her hair on a whim while going through a nervous breakdown. Not that you are going through a nervous breakdown or anything, but Lena Dunham can teach you a thing or two about courage when facing a pair of scissors. Plus there is a whole new season of Girls currently available on Showmax, which means the full boxset is ready to be binged. How’s that for a salon treat?

This post will once again recognise the contributions of Queen Cersei Lannister to the short hair club, even though her haircut happened against her will. (One of these days my unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones will have to stop, but not if Showmax keeps teasing with bingeable offerings like the new Game of Thrones, Season 7.)

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