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There are some TV characters that you can’t help but become attached to. It could be the severely damaged Ray Donovan or the philandering James St Patrick, aka Ghost, in Power, or the overbearing Big Bang Theory’s resident nerd Sheldon Cooper. They’re all deeply flawed, sure, but we love them anyway.

Which of these characters would you most want to know in real life?

1. Harvey Specter, Suits

Suits S8 on Showmax

Let’s put aside his sharp suits and his perfect hair for just one second. Harvey Specter oozes the kind of confidence we all aspire to. Being the risk taker that he is, Harvey makes quite an impression by hiring a law school dropout as his associate, a career-suicide move that comes back to haunt him later. But being the man he is, there is no hole he can’t dig himself out of. He’s not known as “the best closer in New York City” for nothing.

Catch Harvey in the new season of Suits (S8) on Showmax. Watch now »

2. Largetha, Vikings

Vikings S5 is on Showmax

Lagertha is as fierce as she is independent – a shield maiden who doesn’t think twice about jumping onto the battlefield or fighting for her place in a male-dominated world. Despite terrible hardships in her life, from miscarriages to the plague, she remains strong and unbowed. She survives even when you think she doesn’t have a chance. And she doesn’t even need dragons to do it, unlike another strong female character we know.

Catch the shield maiden Largetha in Vikings S1-5 on Showmax. Watch now »

3. Selina Meyer, Veep

Veep S1-6 on Showmax

Selina Meyer would probably have no friends in real life but she is still the most hilarious character in Veep. She didn’t know how to do her job in her short run as Vice President and POTUS. But Veep is a political satire that thrives on making fun of powerful DC politicians and exposing them for the clowns that they are. It is those awkward, cringe-worthy moments with Selina that have us rolling on the floor and makes Veep a show worthy of the hype. After all, Julia Louis-Dreyfus didn’t win the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy six times in a row for this role for nothing.

As you prep for the final season of Veep, S7, where Selina jumps back on the campaign trail in her last bid to become President, you can catch her on Veep S1-6 on Showmax. Watch now »

4. Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones on Showmax

The Lannister’s black sheep Tyrion Lannister is a man in his own league when it comes to smarts in Westeros. He may not be good with the sword, as we saw in the Battle of the Blackwater but boy, can he give a great battle speech.

Tyrion’s sense of humour is unmatched in all the seven kingdoms, pampering us with witty lines like “You love your children. It’s your one redeeming quality, that and your cheekbones.” And God knows we need it in a world as bloody and as harrowing as Game of Thrones. Oh, and one more thing, he drinks and he knows things, what’s there not to love?

Get ready for Tyrion’s witty banter in Game of Thrones S8, due to drop on Showmax on 15 April, but before then, catch him in S1-7 on Showmax. Watch now »

5. Bobby Axelrod, Billions

Billions on ShowMax

While Paul Giamatti brings his reputable acting skills to his role as a ruthless US attorney who is obsessed with bringing down his arch-nemesis, you have to admit that Damian Lewis’ Bobby Axelrod “Axe” is the more interesting of the two.

From his skills in eluding Rhoades’ justice mission to his business acumen and kingpin mentality, Axe has succeeded in becoming a multi-billionaire in the high-stakes world of Wall Street. And he gives great insightful advice too, dropping quotes like, “You get one life – so do it all.”

Catch Axe in the S1-3 of Billions on Showmax. Watch now »

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