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We’ve got the legendary Tarzan, all of Brad Pitt’s bravado in Fury, space prisons in Lockout, intense drama in Unconditional and a dark dystopian fantasy in Divergent on Showmax this month. They’re only available for the month of April so don’t waste time in checking them out!

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Movies available for April only

1. Divergent (Expires 30 April)

Image: Times Media

In Tris’ world, there are only four factions that everyone belongs to. But when she develops talents that belong in multiple factions, the teen has to take on the system… Watch it now »

2. Tarzan (Expires 30 April)

Image: Times Media

This beautifully animated film brings the classic Tarzan story to life like you’ve never seen it before. Watch it now »

3. Lockout (Expires 30 April)

Image: Times Media

All hell breaks loose on MS One, a space prison for Earth’s worst criminals. But one man stands up to them to protect the crew and get out alive. Watch it now »

4. Fury (Expires 30 April)

Image: Times Media

Outgunned and outnumbered in World War 2, a lone Allied tank is behind enemy lines and must complete a crucial mission in this epic action-adventure starring Brad Pitt. Watch it now »

5. Unconditional (Expires 30 April)

Image: Times Media

Everything was going well in Samantha’s life, until her husband suddenly died. In the pits of despair, a chance meeting with faith brings her back to the light. Watch it now »

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