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School’s out, but the year’s not over yet. Before you head off on your annual family holiday, or receive hoards of relatives at your house, get some proper quality time in with these gorgeous family movies on Showmax.

  1. Stick Man


    Stick Man on Showmax
    Image: Magic Light Pictures

    Julia Donaldson’s charming story about a piece of wood called Stick Man, who is separated from his family and is reunited with them by Father Christmas, won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2008, and was adapted into this lovely short film. Rob Brydon voices a number of the friends and foe Stick Man meets on his adventure, while Martin Freeman is Stick Man and Jennifer Saunders narrates. Stick Man was aired on Christmas Day in the UK, and was one of the most-watched programmes of 25 December 2015. Now’s your chance to share the magic of Christmas and Donaldson’s rhymes with your children. Watch now »

  2. The Gruffalo’s Child

    The Gruffalo's Child on Showmax
    Image: Magic Light Pictures

    The sequel to the Gruffalo, also on Showmax, this is the tale of the little girl Gruffalo who ventures out of her cave one night looking for adventure, ignoring her father’s warnings about the Big Bad Mouse who lives in the forest. Just like the first movie, this one is narrated by Mother Squirrel (Helena Bonham-Carter), and is about a scared, small creature making their way through the forest, despite the danger that’s all around them – with the mouse emerging as the hero. The Gruffalo’s Child decides she doesn’t believe in the Big Bad Mouse – until she finally meets him. It’s not Christmas-y per se, but the winter wonderland the Gruffalo’s Child explores is filled with magic, and has a definite holiday feel. Watch now »

  3. Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story

    Magic Beyond Words on Showmax
    Image: SEED

    She is one of the most successful authors of all time. But how did JK Rowling rise from living on benefits to creating the most popular wizard in living memory? This inspiring rags-to-riches story behind the story of Harry Potter is a must-see for any Potter fans, and any child who dreams of becoming a writer when they grow up. Watch now »

  4. Ella Enchanted

    Ella Enchanted on Showmax
    Image: Miramax

    As a child, Ella was enchanted by her fairy godmother to do everything she was told. But when she acquires an evil stepmother and stepsisters, she has to hide her curse of obedience … or else set out to have it removed. This modern-day Cinderella story starring Anne Hathaway will add a touch of fairytale charm to your holiday. Watch now »

  5. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Lemony Snicket on Showmax
    Image: Paramount

    This Oscar-winning adaptation of the popular children’s books is a visual delight about three orphans trying to outwit evil Count Olaf, who wants to get his claws into their inheritance. This is a dark tale, with many twists and turns on the Baudelaire orphans’ journey to escape the Count – just when we think they’re safe, a new danger rises up to meet them. But these are no ordinary kids …  Watch now »

If it’s binge-worthy, addictive series for the whole family you’re after, check out the Summer Holiday Collection on Showmax from Thursday, 7 December. It includes shows for kids and the young at heart of all ages, including LEGO Nexo Knights, Disney’s The Suite Life On Deck, Disney’s Doc McStuffins, Ever After High, Peppa Pig. The Good Witch and Curious George. Happy holidays!

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