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We’ve added 14 new series this March and they’re all ready for your next big binge-watching session. With shows like SMILF, The Wire, High Maintenance and loads more, you won’t need a reason to stay in with Showmax.

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Being a single mom’s tough, especially when men run away once they see your kid. But Bridgette won’t trade it for anything in this stunning new show, first on Showmax. Watch now » 

2. The Wire

Step into the streets of Baltimore, where gritty cops and clever drug dealers square off in this brilliant crime thriller where right and wrong is never black or white. Watch now » 

3. The Dovekeepers

Image: CBS

Follow the true story of 900 Jews who resisted whole Roman armies in this gripping mini-series. The fates of four women are entwined with the siege, holding back an empire. Watch now » 

4. Angel From Hell

Image: CBS

She’s drunk. She’s crazy. She’s a total pain in the butt. But as much as this annoys the focused and driven Alison, this strange woman might be her guardian angel. Watch now » 

5. High Maintenance

High Maintenance follows an NYC pot dealer with a list of clients with neuroses as diverse as the city, providing a glimpse into the private lives of customers – and how they light things up. Watch now » 

6. Playing House

Image: NBC

Ditzy Maggie and perfectionist Emma have been best friends since forever. But now they have to really join forces when Emma discovers she’s pregnant in this hilarious comedy. Watch now » 

7. A Gifted Man

Image: CBS

Michael is a top surgeon enjoying the luxurious things in life, until his departed ex-wife starts haunting him to keep her clinic for the underprivileged open in this heartwarming drama. Watch now » 

8. Incorporated

A man attempts to thwart a giant corporation that seems to have unlimited power. Watch now » 

9. The Messengers

Image: CBS

Five strangers collapse at the same time when a strange object crashes on the planet. They wake up changed, but will it be enough to stop the evil that arrived? Watch now » 

10. Coach Trip: Road To…

Image: ITV

It’s the trip of a lifetime for this bunch of youngsters, lucky enough to go sample the delights of the party paradises like Ibiza and Marbs – and you’re invited for the ride. Watch now » 

11. Teen Wolf S6 (New season)

The teens are back at Beacon Hills High and getting closer to graduation. But strange ghostly horsemen and other ghouls have different plans in this exciting new season. Watch now » 

12. The Astronaut Wives Club

Image: ABC

Being married to one of the first astronauts wasn’t easy, but these feisty women helped their men make history. But success can have a heavy price in this gripping miniseries. Watch now » 

13. Imposters

Maddie is a con artist with a slew of victims behind her. But then she falls for a mark just as her past starts catching up with her… Watch now » 

14. Veep S4-6 (New seasons)

Selina’s unexpected jump to President sounds great, but can her and her staff even get the first speech right?! The circus adds a few rings in these hilarious new seasons. Watch now » 

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