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We’re so excited for the launch of the very first Showmax Original murder-mystery, The Girl From St Agnes. South Africa has never seen anything quite like it and all episodes drop on 31 January. While you’re waiting for The Girl from St Agnes, sink your teeth into more binge-worthy series and new seasons too. Here’s a look at some the new series coming to Showmax in January 2019.

The Girl From St Agnes | Showmax Original

The mysterious death of a schoolgirl at an elite boarding school sets off a desperate hunt for the truth. It seems everyone has something to hide in this gripping South African drama filmed in the Midlands.
Planned release date: 31 January 2019

The Bold Type S2 | First on Showmax

Things are going well: Jane’s first major article is published, Sutton and Richard get an unexpected second chance and Kat is changing attitudes around her. But this new season isn’t going to stay so polite… Watch now »

Room 104 S2 | First and Only on Showmax

When you enter Room 104, you don’t know what will happen next or if you’ll ever return… This new season brings a fresh anthology of terrifying, funny, strange and macabre tales, each episode a unique experience. Watch now »

Siren S2 Part 1 | First on Showmax

Once nobody believed mermaids existed. But now the small town of Bristol seems to be full of them – and they are not happy with the humans. Can the peace be kept in this exciting new season?
Planned release date: 28 January 2019

Playing House S3

Maggie and Emma face their biggest test yet: not the baby, not work, not the bossy neighbours, but medical news that would stop any of us in our tracks. Luckily the two besties have not lost any of their wacky humour! Watch now »

Nashville S5

Juliette’s plane has crashed, but she survives. Yet lucky as she was, the accident left her with terrible injuries. But the show must go on at Highway 65 as Rayna plans a new album and tries to save the label from bankruptcy. Watch now »

Victoria S2

Victoria returns to her royal duties soon after giving birth, only to find the men think they can take over from her – particularly her husband, Prince Albert. But they are not ready for one of the greatest monarchs in history. Watch now »

The Good Doctor S1

Shaun is a brilliant surgeon, yet his autism makes it hard to build personal connections. Giving up the calm of the countryside for a busy city hospital, can his brilliance make up for his social problems in this medical drama? Watch now »

Snatch S1-2

Young hustlers discover a cache of stolen gold. Loosely based on the cult-classic movie, they can be rich, but need to stay one step ahead if they don’t want to end up on the wrong side of London’s underworld. Watch now »

Superstore S3

Cloud 9 is back after being destroyed in a tornado. It’s time to restock the superstore, only nobody told the staff the doors are opening soon! Then there is that kiss between Jonah and Amy – don’t miss this hilarious new season. Watch now »


Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson leads a top SWAT team on the very streets where he escaped crime. He tries to straddle the two worlds – but when the chips are down, this team bring their best to take down criminals. Watch now »

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas S1

Wyatt Cenac is as funny as he is serious and takes his wit around the US to tackle tough topics and investigate real-world solutions. Not afraid to talk to anyone, he goes to the heart of local problems in this doccie series. Watch now »

Devious Maids S1-4

You never know who’s listening… Working for Beverly Hills’ most powerful families, four maids have access to some incredible gossip – and, like their bosses, they are not above using dirt to get what they want. Watch now »

Start watching now »

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