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Treat the old man to some beer, biltong and quality binge-watching this Father’s Day, which, fittingly, always falls on a Sunday – the perfect day of rest. There’s a jam-packed Father’s Day Collection for him to enjoy, plus, here, we bring you 13 of the best shows to watch with Dad, which feature our hand-picked list of the best and worse TV dads on Showmax.

Let’s start with the bad boys, shall we?

The worst

1. Frank Gallagher from Shameless

If Frank (William H Macy) is not hammered drunk, he’s usually trying to find a way to scam people for his own benefit, and he doesn’t mind using his own family to do so. He’s an absent father who couldn’t care less about anyone other than himself, and is basically a total scumbag. Watch now »

2. Hank Moody From Californication

Hank (David Duchovny) is quite possibly the worst father figure. He’s a novelist, but he’s also a drunk womaniser with a depraved sex addiction. His only redeeming quality is that he does try to be a better father throughout the show while grappling with the fact that he still loves his ex. Still, it doesn’t really make up for his past transgressions. Watch now »

3. Tony Soprano from The Sopranos

There’s nothing Tony (James Gandolfini) likes more than tucking into a homemade melanzane with his family round the table. But Tony is not a good dad: he’s a  mob boss who followed in his father’s footsteps. His lifestyle puts his family in danger and he doesn’t exactly believe in monogamy. Eventually, all the pressure gets to Tony, and he has to see a shrink for guidance – something no Soprano has ever done. Watch now »

4. Mickey Donovan from Ray Donovan

This guy is a straight-up swindler who can’t be trusted. Mickey (John Voight) was in prison for 20 years and when he got out, he felt that he was owed something. He’s an abusive father who didn’t mind using his kids to make profits. He’s definitely charming, but Mickey is also most certainly a scumbag. Watch now »

5. Yuri Orlov from Lord of War

When you’re an arms dealer selling weapons to dictators in some of the most impoverished countries in the world, can you be a good guy? We’re not sure. Yuri (Nicolas Cage) has very few morals, and no problem with selling stolen weapons for cash. This darkly funny drama is based on accounts of real-life weapons dealers and smugglers, and they’re not good people. Watch now »

The best

6. Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones

From the very first episode you’ll see that the Lord of Winterfell leads from the front – and when Ned (Sean Bean) carries out judgment, he also delivers the punishment. Honourable, fair and just, he loved his family and raised his children with dignity and respect. He also gave them Dire Wolves as pets, so you know he’s cool, too. And with the new Game of Thrones premiering on 16 July, now’s the perfect time to binge-watch all the previous seasons. Watch now »

7. Reason, L-Tido, Ma-E from Rap Dads

Rap doesn’t always have the best reputation. But these dads shed light on the more intimate side of the game, and they all have one thing in common. When it comes to their kids, they don’t compromise. Watch now »

8. David Wozniak from Delivery Man

David (Vince Vaughn) is a slacker of a delivery man, but a mistake at the sperm bank leads him to having hundreds of children. At first you’ll  think he run, but he decides to start helping them and brings them all closer together. Watch now »

9. Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond

Yes, he’s cynical, whiny and lazy, which drives his wife crazy, but he’s not a bad guy. Everybody Loves Raymond holds a special place in the hearts of many, and is loosely based on events and characters from lead actor Ray Romano’s real life. In the show, he’s a sportswriter who lives with his wife and three children, and his overbearing mother practically shares their house, too. You can’t help but feel for the guy, and for his wife Debra who has to put up with him. Watch now »

10. Frank Reagan from Blue Bloods

He was the third generation of Reagans to become a police officer, and all four of his sons followed him into the force. So it’s clear that Frank’s house is all about law and order. Played by Tom Selleck, Frank is a disciplined straight shooter who takes no nonsense, but he’s also a loving dad and grandfather. Watch now »

11. Ross Geller From Friends

Oh, Ross (David Schwimmer), you ol’ goof ball! You can’t help but like this guy. Yes, he can be a bit strange sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), but there’s one thing that’s certain: he loves his kids. From dressing up as the Holiday Armadillo for Ben to singing Baby Got Back to make his baby daughter laugh, he’s a great dad. He’s also a loyal friend. And just for a second, imagine if Joey was the dad of the show? Watch now »

12. Dexter Morgan from Dexter

Okay, this is a tricky one. He loves his wife and son, and would do anything to protect them, quite literally, but he’s also a serial killer. That’s not good. But Dex (Michael Hall) only kills other killers, so that’s not bad? Eish, this is tough. Ultimately Dex is a good guy who does bad things to bad people, so if you’re also a good guy then you have nothing to fear. Watch now »

13. Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings

You could say that Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) sent his son, Bjorn Ironside, to battle at a young age. But he knew the kid could take care of himself, especially with a name like Ironside. It was a crazy time in the middle ages when the Vikings started invading France and England. It was ruthless and violent, as you’ll see in the show. But Ragnar was fair and just, and it’s clear that he absolutely loves his family. Watch now »

All of these series and movies are available for you to watch on Showmax right now! And don’t forget to binge on the cracking shows and movies in the Father’s Day Collection.

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