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Don’t have a credit card? Shy when it comes to making online payments? No problem – you can still get Showmax.

Showmax, the internet TV service that gives you access to over 35 000 series episodes (from Boer Soek ‘n Vrou to Game of Thrones), movies and a huge selection of kids’ shows, also gives you all these credit-card free ways to pay.

1. Showmax vouchers

Prepaid vouchers for Showmax are available to buy at selected Pick n Pay and CNA stores, Game, Makro, HiFi Corp and Incredible Connection stores. Once you’ve bought your voucher, simply enter the unique code to complete your sign-up at

2. Pick n Pay Smart Shopper

Use your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points to switch R198 for a three-month Showmax voucher worth R297! You’ll effectively get three months and only pay for two. Make the switch via the Pick n Pay mobile app, in-store Smart Shopper kiosks or online.

3. FNB eBucks vouchers

On the eBucks Store page, select Vouchers, then e-Vouchers, and scroll down for the the three different values of Showmax voucher you can buy – for one, three or six months. Depending on your eBucks reward level, you could save up to 40% on a six-month voucher. You can also buy the six-month discounted voucher using FNB’s banking app. Once you’ve bought your voucher, enter the unique code at

4. Standard Bank UCount vouchers

Go to the UCount Rewards Online Mall, hover over “Books, Gifts & Vouchers”, click on “e-Vouchers”, select the Showmax prepaid voucher you want (for one month, three months, six months or 12 months) and click “Buy Now”. This will give you two options – to either buy the voucher Prepaid or to Recharge your Showmax subscription directly using your email address that’s captured on the UCount site. If you choose to recharge, you won’t have to capture the voucher code, making the process much simpler and easier. Choose to use your credit cards or rewards cash to purchase the voucher. If you choose Prepaid, you’ll follow these steps: click “Add to cart” and “Checkout”. Then follow all the prompts (Contact details, Payment then Confirmation). You will receive an order summary to show that you have placed the order successfully. You will then receive an SMS with the voucher code and an email with the steps on how to redeem your Showmax prepaid voucher at

5. Add to your MWEB account

Add your Showmax account to your existing MWEB account, so you’ll be billed for, and can pay for, all your internet costs in one shot. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of the 14-day free trial. Use the activation code from MWEB to set up your Showmax account on www.showmax.comFind out more on the MWEB site »

6. Add to your DStv Account via debit order (Premium customers get Showmax at zero cost)

DStv customers have the option of linking their Showmax account to their DStv account to streamline their monthly payments into a single debit order. DStv Premium customers now get Showmax included in their monthly subscription. Compact and Compact Plus customers get Showmax for just R49 per month.

Go to, sign in, and go to My Account and Manage Subscriptions. Select Add to DStv Account, sign in using your DStv Connect ID, and then add Showmax to your DStv account.

Plus, if you’re a Showmax subscriber with a connected DStv Explora, watching Showmax on your TV is easy – simply use your DStv remote to launch Showmax.

7. Add to your Telkom account

Telkom customers can add their Showmax subscription fee to their Telkom account, so they can pay for both at once without having to make a separate Showmax payment. Telkom also offers Showmax customers a great-value bolt-on entertainment package with up to 100GB of data for Showmax streaming for only R99 per month. Find out more about what’s possible with Telkom and Showmax now »

8. Add to your Vodacom bill

Pay for Showmax by adding the monthly subscription to your Vodacom bill – add to bill now »

9. Add to your MTN bill

Pay for Showmax by adding the monthly subscription to your MTN bill – click here to add »

10. Add to your Vox bill

Pay for Showmax by adding the monthly subscription to your Vox bill – click here to add »

11. PayPal

You can choose to pay your subscription using your PayPal account. Go to the Manage Subscriptions option under My Account (once you’ve signed in at and select the PayPal option. Remember, though, you’ll be charged in US dollars, so you may pay a little more or a little less from month to month, depending on the exchange rate.

Start your 14-day free trial now »  

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